Wonderful Blessings for your New Year 2021

Yay! Happy New Year - it's looking fabuloso!

We're buzzing into our New Year with a super-duper Full Moon in Water sign, home-house-and hearth Cancer today and a 2021/5 year indicating flow, fun and focus ... very different energy coming our way this New Year (thank you so much!)

  • So to all of you who’ve learnt and practised Usui Reiki with me this year,
  • And to all of you who’ve had Readings and Reiki Treatments and joined our online Meditation Groups this year,
  • To all of you who’ve opened the innerVisions and Reiki Health NZ Newsletters, read our blogs and social media for inspiration, information and fun this year,
  • For all of you who’ve chosen courage, resourcefulness, kindness, optimism, simplicity and creativity to show you care and have respect and adaptability, not only for yourself and the blessing of your life and loved ones, but for others, too,
  • For all of you who look back at what you’ve learnt and how well you ‘stepped up’ through 2020 ...

May you be blessed with great peace, happiness, abundance and enrichment this coming New Year 2021

It’s been a privilege to travel through 2020 with you and I feel blessed to have had your company along the way

Much love, dear Reader, heaps of fun, focus, whoopee’s and whopper hugs for a very beautiful, very special and very bountiful New Year to come,

Happy New Year 2021!



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