VIRGO: Your Beautiful Astro-reading, VIRGO

23 Aug to 22 Sept

Your beautiful personality VIRGO

Dear Virgo, where did that love of order, creativity, health and practicality come from? 

Generous and resourceful, your caring heart is inherited from your age-old Earth Mother Ceres sign ... and your gift to the world is deeply rooted in respect for all Life

You instinctively prioritize the well-being and health of yourself, others, loved ones and our Planet Earth ... there's nothing better for a Virgo than to be outside in Nature's bounty - being energised and nurtured by the stars and moons, the earth, thermal and natural waters and the shores and sea.

Virgo gifts, talent and careers

You have a talent for projects that need your perspective, originality, caring and attention to detail … you have the natural capacity to take it all the way to completion.

Open to learning and having a naturally flexible mind, you are curious and open-minded, with a hunger for literature, language and the arts.

You love to help others learn and grow so are often teachers, specialist scholars, researchers and scientists, discerning and clever critics, journalists and novelists.

Your ability to discern quality often leads you into the fine arts, design, fashion, cinema and theatre.

Drawn to helping others on their journey through life, Virgo’s can make accomplished nurses, alternative healing therapists and counsellors – for both humans and animals.

Virgo’s love life .....

Not giving your heart lightly, you are discerning, committed and devoted to the one you love. Independent, practical and sensitive, your home is your security and your sanctuary.

Sensitive, private Virgo, you require the trust, loyalty and love of those closest to you as the foundations for shining your light most strongly in the world.

You work twice as hard for the family – so if the work place is your ‘other’ or second family, then expect success, prosperity and respect.

Never under-estimate the discernment of a committed Virgo ... loyal until betrayed, they value integrity, honesty and caring communication and love a good laugh!

Virgo ... team up for quality outcomes with your Star Sign buddies

Have fun and achieve heaps of productive, quality team projects with your Earth sign buddies -

  • Taurus, Capricorn and the other Virgo’s

... and your compatible Water Sign stars -

  • Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio.

Fire up the energy and dynamism in your Team projects

With your compatible Fire Signs

  • Aries 
  • Leo
  • Sagittarius

They will add energy, enthusiasm and ‘grunt’ in all your projects

When you need bright ideas, strong communication skills and social team spirits ...

Call in your

  • Gemini’s 
  • Librans
  • Aquarians

To add power and success to any of your business, community, family and work teams

Virgo Colours ... get the most from every day

You can wear just about any colour, Virgo. You seem to have a natural ability to put it all together in a unique, subtle and often classy way.

Working your unique mix of colour, practicality and quality is your natural Virgo instinct!

Virgo Heart and Soul Colours

1: Water and Earth Elements

Impact and energise others when you wear any of the greens, limes, emerald and blues that suit your skin tones

2: Dark, rich Earth-Brown colours are super sophisticated ... add firey yellow, orange and red highlights for instant impact

3: Virgo ‘Ping’ Colours - red, gold, bronze, amber, fuchsia, turquoise and orange for passion, charisma and super-chic style

Wishing you a fun, fabulous, healthy and beautiful Virgo Season!


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