The energy of 6 increases love, beauty, balance and harmony

The energy of Numbers is fun, informative and directional ... every number has a different 'personality' and helps you to see opportunities, avoid problems and stay on track in tricky times ...

The '6' month of June focuses on domestic harmony, love, justice, beauty and health

June is named after the Greek goddess JUNO, who was considered ‘Queen of the Heavens’ and the Patron Goddess of Home, Marriage and all things related to Domestic Harmony.

Clever Juno had the gift of ‘seeing’ … so June holds energy related to seeing inwardly - it’s a prime month to listen to your inner guidance, your intuition and increase your self awareness.

The qualities of '6' energy are related to ...

  • Beauty  - what is beautiful to you, big or little?
  • Balance and Harmony - health, work, relationships
  • Romance and love - friendships, home & business partnerships, socialize
  • Creativity - do and learn more about what you love
  • Domesticity - picnics, parties, family, hearth and home
  • Pets and our 4-legged friends

This month we can pay extra attention to …

  • Saying ‘yes’ to more new friendships, fun & social occasions
  • Increasing your intuitive awareness and listening to your heart's guidance
  • Responsibility – balance the finances, parenting, completion of anything undone
  • Justice - pay attention to all legal & accounting details - the scales of both life and law are balancing themselves out here 

As you move and are moved towards your highest good, know you are always divinely guided and protected.


6 energy also relates to qualities and personalities of those born under the sign of Taurus and Libra.

Moon Phases empower productivity, creativity and anything new

10 June   Full Moon in Sagittarius empowers natural healing - learn and listen to your body
24 June   New Moon in Cancer loves learning,writing, communicating and empowers taking care of your health 

The Benefits of Moon Phases

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