Solstice, Eclipses & New Moons Welcome in 2020

Fireworks in the Heavens welcome in 2020!

Solstice's are times to reflect, renew, re-orientate and revitalize

It's all go in the Heavens ... not only do we have a great opportunity to check in briefly with the last days of 2019, this Saturday's 21 December Summer Solstice (the longest day of the year in the Southern Hemisphere and the shortest day in the Northern Hemisphere) will open up extraordinary opportunities for you

This is a rare and super-empowering Solstice and it's going to kick-start you to a whole new level

Expect to have your timetable moved forward and be given a huge push - possibly to the next level.

Opportunities will be offered - watch out for them, grab them with an open and light heart - they're for your highest and best!

"Often, something that happens in the outside world that had nothing to do with you oddly winds up at your doorstep and has a huge effect on you.

Watch to see what happens ..."

It's tricky to go forward with any clarity or vision until you've looked back!

Solstice's are THE times to reflect and review all aspects of what you've achieved this year 2019 - it's been a big one so there'll be plenty! 

Check in with your physical health, your mindfulness, present/presence and mental peace and clarity, your intuitive self and your emotional health and happiness

Super-helpful hint ...

Do the leg-work now and watch your own red carpet unroll!

This is a perfect time to reflect, review, re-orientate and renew everything you wish to experience

The best way I've found to begin is to  get a blank-page journal and make lists & notes in any order - working back and forwards between them over the next few days

Write down what you've achieved, experienced and contributed to 

  1. Materially - your home, garden and at work
  2. Financially - at home and at work
  3. Spiritually - your inner world and how it's affected your outer world
  4. Your health and well-being - what have your committed to for your health and happiness
  5. Family relationships and connections 
  6. Work-related relationships and connections
  7. Social life
  8. Community connections and contributions

Just don't beat yourself up while you do this if you're not the world's greatest success story!  You'll see as you look back, where you'd like to 'up your game' as you go forward into 2020

Remember ... each year is different with different potential and opportunities for each of us ... 'learning and growing' one step at a time and enjoying it is the 'name of the game'. Be kind to yourself, please

This Solstice, don't forget to 'leave some room in your heart for the unimaginable'

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2020's your year to shine!

Let's create a fabulous new year and new decade for you asap!

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