SCORPIO: Yolanda's Astro-Reading for SCORPIO

23 Oct – 21 to Nov

The Scorpio Personality

Beautiful Water-Element Scorpio, you are a power to be reckoned with, determined and focused.

You are a natural winner. Your drive and determination puts you easily in the driver’s seat and your loyalty and ability to commit are legend.

With your visionary focus, passion, perseverance and polarities, you are capable of success in many areas – from drama to gangster, Mayor or CEO to criminal lawyer, forensic detective or superstar author.

Whatever you choose with passion, Scorpio, comes your way.

Super-social Scorpio

You have a talent and desire for the dramatic; your charisma draws others to you socially; your ‘circle of trust’ is small, selective and loyal.

You are attentive and a good conversationalist, you have class and dignity – often modified with a sense of the dramatic.

You can surprise others with a superb entrance – and apparent casual response when complimented – but it’s your dignity and ability to work the crowd sincerely that are so appreciated.

Your Scorpio relationships and partnerships

You are frequently magnetic and dramatic, intense and deeply committed.

While you may play the field socially, your heart is searching for your one true love. When you find it, that’s it – game over, you live as if you have only one purpose and one life.

Your professional and business attributes, Scorpio

You are a natural leader, Scorpio. You see the challenges, the opportunities and have the ability to work hard, hold the vision and get the job done.

Your loyalty is unquestionable, but you can be ruthless or stinging – your power is more effective with persuasion and negotiation rather than dominance and control.

Put your formidable energy into projects where natural leadership is valued by all.

Your ruling planet is Pluto – bringing you transformation and change

Your ruling planet, Pluto creates challenge, change and transformation all around you. Letting go is a big part of transformation, dear Scorpio – enjoy the moment fully.

Colours to enhance and empower you, Scorpio

You are at your most potent when close to the earth, Scorpio AND your most playful when close to water signs, environments and water cities.

EARTH Colours keep you grounded, focused, approachable – terracotta, oranges, chocolate, coffee, sand, mushroom and truffle browns are great with highlight spikes of fuchsia, oranges, limes and lemon highlights

WATER Colours like the deeper tones of royal and navy blue emphasis your responsibility, dignity and professional power;

AQUA and the Mediterranean limes and lemons are your seaside ‘play’ colours while White is your most valuable accessory with eye-catching, designer accessories firing up flashes of royalty following closely behind!

Certain scents and fragrances are your natural allies

If anyone can turn on the charm and ooze charisma and sensuality, Scorpio, it’s you!

Working hard at both work and play, Scorpio, gives you two choices – the earthier musky, ambergris-based perfumes emphasise your sensuality; OR you can amp up your outdoor social life with refreshing, water-based, citrus sprays

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