22 November – 20 December

Sagittarius' Personality

Dear Sagittarius, of all the zodiac signs, you are the most curious and adventurous, the most ready to find and follow new dreams and adventures.

You love travel, truth and adventure - are a natural explorer of both your outer geographical world and your inner worlds.

You are a fire sign, dear Sagittarius. You will live so fully and passionately and motivate other to do so, too.

Simmer slowly sometimes – a good book and movie, your love of the outdoors and your focus on health; keep you in great shape to be the world’s greatest internal and external explorer!

You are a dear and generous friend, Sagittarius

You are a dear and generous friend, Sagittarius. Caring, loyal, you are inclusive and love socializing with your family and friends. ‘Let’s get together and have fun’ is your motto.

You stay in touch with people wherever you go, your loyalty and efforts are valued by all who know you.

Sagittarius and their relationships

Sagittarians love their freedom, independence and are happiest meeting new people and socializing.

You will do just about anything for your friends even if it means personal sacrifice.

Once you find a partner who allows ‘you to be you’, you are the most generous, innovative and fun-loving partner of all. To be with you means a life-long adventure of discovery.

Professional and business inclinations, Sagittarius

Always remember, dear Sagittarius, no body else can do what you do.

You believe anything is possible and are prepared to work hard to get it .... and it can be so frustrating when you can see others 'can but don't'..

In business, you are diligent, creative, practical, often inspired, and frequently overly direct.

While you value your freedom professionally, you are a cooperative team player. How the team plays affects your whole productive ability so seek win-win solutions.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter – Jupiter rules abundance and higher learning

Jupiter brings Sagittarius the qualities of intelligence, love of learning and the need to seek and grow a unique philosophy of life.

Jupiter offers expansion and abundance – expect to be rewarded materially for your work and recognized and loved for your big heart and empathy, Sagittarius.

Your inner worlds burn brightly, Sagittarius

Deep within you, the fire and search for truth burns brightly. Your big heart thinks deeply with empathy for mankind - your actions reflect this.

Your inner life has a deep undercurrent of questing and caring, like knights of old – adventures, chivalry, spiritual connections and the search for the holy grail of meaning and enlightenment. Sensitive and caring, your 'religion' is more likely to be honoured in nature and acts of caring.

Feng Shui and Fashion for Sagittarians ...

You enjoy clothes, taking considerable time and care to shop for classy, quality, practical, good value outfits. For you color, comfort and style go hand-in-hand.

Fire colors - highlights or tones of red, oranges and yellow can suit your hair, skin and home

Metal jewelry and decor - matt metal not glossy, beaten or patterned, modern takes on bronze and copper make subtle, classy statements;

Ethnic - African and Asian influences at home and in your wardrobe – Buddha’s and sarongs come to mind;


Whatever has been created in fire – glass, crystals, ceramics add clarity and calmness to any outfit or environment.

Sagittarius and scents ...

Use light and subtle fragrances for daytime and rock on into the night with statement scents that summarize your charisma, Sagittarius. Have fun!

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