Resurrect your life this Scorpio New Moon

The 4 November 2021 Scorpio New Moon begins a powerful and balanced growth process

Are you ready for an extreme makeover, an empowering shift or a new direction?

This New Moon in Scorpio will certainly get the ball rolling ... but only if you want it to

Do you? 

Anything you decide to do that's new with this November Scorpio New Moon will be coming to completion AND its fulfilment and fruition at the next Scorpio Full Moon on 16 May 2022

A powerful lunar eclipse ‘seals the deal’ at that Full Moon too

Scorpio energy is creative and into making the ‘old’ become ‘new’ - with savvy modifications

I’ve been saying it for a couple of weeks now in my readings and this is why – creative and determined Scorpio is asking that many things (and ideas) from the past are uplifted, reviewed and/or recreated

Now’s the time to style up your wardrobe, haunt op-shops online and in-person and shop your own reclusive wardrobe pieces and refresh them with scissors, embroidery, restyling, redecorating – patchwork is IN! and that awesome old Fair Isle jumper that no longer fits can be carefully adapted or cut-up for amazing patchwork coats, throws or family heirloom blankets

But that’s not all …

Boost your immune system

Scorpio is the sign related to internal health and the organs related to the second Chakra (creation and pro-creation) – a timely reminder to foster a stronger immune system with regular Vit C, probiotics and ‘good’ bacteria
You’d benefit hugely from an inner spring clean now too – try a few days of a fruit or vege fast to cleanse and upgrade your internal systems and reconnect to your vitality and clarity

Sing, dance and physically move your stress through

Ruled by both Mars (combative warrior planet) and Pluto (ruler of the unconscious), Scorpio can bring old emotions to the surface faster than usual.
Fore-warned is fore-armed – get creative with some new and old moves, sashay around the lounge or get on your sneakers and pump those legs.
Happy movement moves stress and anxiety right out the door! So your energy is free to flow creatively

Now’s the time to get your money moves on

Scorpio rules debt and financial security as well as long-term resources like shares, stocks, real estate – loaned or owned.
This is the right time to learn more about managing your earnings and activating your assets and it’s a valuable time to manage your finances and reduce any or all loans as quickly as possible.
Aim to be your own money manager ‘par excellence’ by the next Scorpio Full Moon in May 2022

When it comes to money, financially savvy Scorpio knows that we can be stronger together

Don’t be fooled – Scorpio has a shadow side so …
If you do enter into any joint agreements make sure everything, including the fine print, is signed, sealed and delivered legally before proceeding
Scorpio’s shadow side means it’s smart, respectful and very necessary to sign-on for win-win situations with everything in writing

This Scorpio New Moon - read new beginnings, creative ideas and ventures, new approaches - is the foundation for all that rises from ashes to success

While it won’t happen without planning and action, this New Moon holds tremendous potential for success that you may not have believed possible
You have a marvelous opportunity at this Scorpio New Moon to grow, strengthen your skills, resources and knowledge and rise like a phoenix from the ashes.
Want it?

Go get it – this is a powerful and empowering cycle of time for you to ride consciously and deliberately all the way to fulfilment

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