Reiki - Transformation of Body, Mind and Spirit

A Summary of the 7th Oct 2021 online Conversation with Frank Arjava Petter

Frank (Arjava) started out reminding us that we celebrate the centennial of the conception of Reiki in March 2022.

It will be a hundred years since Usui Sensei woke up after a mystical experience and all he wanted to do going forward was sharing his joy with others. Reiki came into this world as his love song to humanity - Shin Sin Reiki Koyo - The Healing Method of Body, Mind and Spirit.

Reiki is considered first and foremost for our own transformation. It should not primary used to get students or make more money. It was conceived for us.

Everybody has and can do Reiki, it is our birthright to enjoy Reiki. Through a Master/Teacher we receive Reiju to clear our inner channel. Reiju (the Reiki Attunement) cleanses us to fully enjoy the energy of Reiki.

Once our Reiki channel is open there is no other need to open or close anything else

‘Thank you, Yolanda for organising and helping to host the wonderful talk with Frank tonight. 

I loved it! It’s such an honour to see Frank and listen to him. He’s so funny and real too.

I immediately purchased his e-book “Love Speaks” and I’m looking forward to the paper book version being released soon too’.

Dionne Norman

With Reiki we activate the first two bodies of our being

The first body is the solid physical body. The second body is the spiritual, etheric, psycho-emotional body and all what we think we are.

In Shintoism the third body is the soul

In Shintoism the third body is the soul that is implanted into the forehead of the embryo during the first 2 to 3 months of pregnancy

The soul is not private, it is part of the collective consciousness. All humans are connected through the collective soul. The Soul is always perfect, therefore our work with Reiki concentrates on the first two bodies

‘What an amazing evening with Frank and everyone.

To get to ask my question, it was a wow moment and even something so simple as that, I had lessons around it. I'm so grateful though and his reply was easy for me to understand and absorb.

Many thanks once again’.

Jean Logan

Reiki is home work

Reiki is home-work, which means we work on our ‘home’ first, we work on ourselves.

When we go deep into our home or self, we can hear the voices of the Gods who will give us further homework. In Japanese this homework is called Kyo, which means duty, our responsibility that we have chosen to learn in this life time.

Our tool for doing homework are the Five Precepts or Principles, Gokai

These five principles keep the mind healthy and should be part of a morning and evening routine where we hold our hands in Gassho, we concentrate on the space where the middle fingers meet and we chant the precepts feeling the meaning of the words in our hearts.

Kyo Dakewa                  Just for Today / Now -

Ika Runa                        Don’t angry

Shinpai Suna                 Don’t worry

Kansha Shite                 Be grateful

Gyo O Hage Me            Do your duties

Hito Ni Shinshe Tsuni             Be kind to others

We chanted the Japanese version of the Gokai together. A special moment indeed. Chanting the Precepts is like a mantra, every word has a sacred spirit power which is called Kotodama

Arjava continued to explain the Five Precepts

Anger is toxic and worry creates drama. The antidote for anger and worry is gratefulness. If we are grateful without conditions, anger and worry disappear and we feel full in our heart, it will become open and wide.

The duties that we come here to do is the recognition of our responsibility to learn what we have chosen this lifetime to learn. By doing so we are letting go of our victimhood and we can easier respond to what is in front of us. We can give ourselves fully to what we can concentrate on.

Being kind to others comes easily when all other issues are taken care of. Through giving and teaching Reiki we connect with others and with Source.

Other options to work with ourselves

Meditation - which could be a Gassho meditation or any other meditation that we love doing

Breathing which helps purify the body. Breathing in through the nose and the top of the head, hoping the breath in the DanTien where the energy radiates out into our entire being, and breathing out through the mouth, hands and feet. Doing this every day is recommended until the breath regulates itself.

Dry Bathing of shoulder and arms (Kenyoku)

A Reiki treatment is also considered a self-care technique as the energy of the Reiki giver and the Reiki receiver are intertwined. This should be part of a daily Reiki routine as well

‘Thank you so much for organising yet another interesting and ENLIGHTENING evening talk with Frank.

His explanations were so clear and precise, I personally had nothing to ask’.

Angelika Klotz

Reiki Byosen

Reiki has a pulse, which can be felt in our Gassho hands when we chant the precepts and it can be felt when we put our hands on the body in a position to give Reiki to. It is a movement of energy which switches on like a light which then turns on the light in the body as well.

With the Reiki energy we are moving Boysen, which is the movement of toxicity and the reaction of the body to the incoming energy, the healing process of the body.

Boysen comes in waves of 10-15 min and is a continues healing process that can take time. Originally the aim working with Reiki was to work with the Boysen, not moving through the prescribed hand positions but to listen to the complaints of the client and feeling the reaction of the body while Reiki energy was offered.

We are able to monitor the healing abilities of the body with our hands

We are able to monitor the healing abilities of the body with our hands. The body reacts with warmth and energy flow underneath the Reiki pulse. When we feel warmth and strong heat we know the body is reacting and healing. We can move on from there.

If we feel tingling or numbness in the hands it means we need to monitor the healing process. Toxins have accumulated in the body and the particular part of the body needs to be treated again and again until warmth and heat is felt which signals that the healing is done.

Stronger sensations or pain are signs that should be taken seriously. We would work on these parts first and stay there until heat comes. This could take months or even years, Reiki is the support the body needs to move through these strong blockages.

The element of touch is essential

Therefore the element of touch is essential and there is really no substitute for touch. Distant Reiki should only be considered in case of an emergency.

The greatest healer is the human body and we can observe the body healing itself daily. Absolute health is an illusion but finding happiness without being fully healthy is fulfilment.

Not complaining but embracing the challenge and ourselves can be very freeing”

‘Just wanted to say thank you to Yolanda, yourself (Sarah) and Frank Petter for the excellent talk last night. So wonderful to be able to connect with the Reiki community remotely and to hear Frank speak in person’.

Rachael Mooney 7 Oct 2021

(c)Frank Arjava Petter.

Sincere thanks to Frank Arjava Petter for giving us permission to share with you all and for his generosity, kindness, love of Reiki and being such a wonderful, fun speaker!

Frank's latest books are available on kindle & paperback via, fishpond etc

Here's the links to each of the following book -

‘This is Reiki: Transformation of Body, Mind and Soul’ 2012 ( a 'must read' for all Reiki 1st & 2nd Degree students)
‘One With Reiki: Love, Devotion and Being Present’ 2020  (covers everything in details from our Conversation above)
‘Love Speaks’ – a beautiful collection of Arjava’s poetry 2021 (just out, very beautiful)

Also, sincere thanks to Angelika Klotz who transcribed Arjava’s 7 Oct 2021 Talk with us

Watch this Space! Arjava's back with us March 2022

We’re looking forward to seeing you all with us for Arjava’s next Talk in March 2022 to Celebrate Usui Reiki’s 100th Birthday!



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The transcript of the 7 October 2021 Talk with Arjava is above and on the Blog page of my Reiki Health NZ website. He has offered us another Talk in March 2022 to celebrate the 100th Year of Usui Reiki in the world! I hope you can join us. Arjava is totally unbiased, dedicated to Reiki, an inspirational speaker, vastly experienced and lots of fun!

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