PISCES: Your Beautiful Astro-Reading, Pisces

19 Feb – 21 March

Dear Pisces, you are innovative, creative, passionate, methodical and sensitive,

Kind, generous and often spiritually-inclined, you apply yourself in whatever field or activity you believe in.

You're adventurous and love to see what’s over the horizon.

Water is your element ... and always a metaphor for all aspects of spirit - those who love to play, work and be close to or on the water find it can be their way to the divine in life.

Pisces signs often find the sea, pool and any water activities – boats, water views, cruises and sports – will expand your heart, soothe your soul and reduce your stress big-time.

Your social life, Pisces...

Below the surface, Pisces, you are compassionate, caring and charitable. Loyal and caring, you are happy to help others.

Just keep an eye open for those strong, true and reliable friends who keep your generous heart appreciated and open.

You love the good things of life and have a discerning sense of where and how to find them, including wining and dining in beautiful surroundings – often by the water.

Uncomfortable with self-promoting personalities, you are a lovely romantic - please stay focused on the balance between reality and fantasy.

Pisces and Relationships

Your intuitive nature gives you the ability to feel deeply and if something is wrong in your world you take it to heart.

You can be super passionate and more than willing to make a real effort to impress.

It is going the emotional distance that works for you, Pisces – stay practical and patient as relationships unfold before you step in too deep.

Entrepreneurs, innovators ... Pisceans need their solo time

You often need or prefer time alone and can appear as timid or reclusive. When trusted friends, partners or colleagues support you without exploitation, your immense creativity and talent for innovation win through.

You are gifted innovators and original thinkers, Pisces – talented, methodical business people, honest and trustworthy with a gift for making money.

Business, work and careers for Pisceans

You are perfectly capable of living two lives at once, Pisces – those two fishes of yours swim in either complimentary OR opposite directions.

Passionate, committed and dedicated when you are interested, you can just as quickly assume ‘the horizontal’ when bored or disinterested.

Piscean Colours and Style 

Casually classy, the colours of the sea are your natural basics, Pisces – this gives you a wide playing field to choose the most flattering ones for your skin and hair tomes from …

• Tones and shades of pale to deep turquoise greens,

• All blues – pale blue to deep French navy,

• Every shade of white and ecru accented with gentle, fuchsia pinks and quiet lemon.

All carefully accessorized with subtle highlights of silver, turquoise, opal and moonstone gemstones.

Signature Scents for Pisces are ...

Subtle and refreshing, your favourite fragrance will be light, subtle, water-related and discreetly branded – you will be in your element pronto

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