October 2020 – looking good, looking ahead

October brings you clarity, lightness, simplicity

It’s time to look ahead now – both to the month and the new year ahead. While October’s a creative month of changes, completions and new initiatives, we’ve also got a great chance to project our optimism and plan our near and further future, too

What would YOU like to initiate for the times ahead? And just as important, what do you want to nurture more of in your life – hope, fun, ease, simplicity, calm and kindness or anxiety, worry, depression and stress?

New waves of change

While initiating new energy seasonally, collectively and individuality, October’s ushering in new waves of change, shifts and approaches for all of us

'Out with the old, in with the new' - we're definitely in a huge transitional shift (beginning in the late 1980's, accelerating faster since 2018 and clear by 2025)

October holds TWO promises for you

The energy of the number 10 always holds the impetus and balance of two numbers – the ‘1’ energy and the ‘0’ energy

Promise 1

‘1’ energy ushers in new phases, cycles, approaches and innovations into our lives – seasonal, political, economic, humanitarian and universal

Promise 2

‘0’ energy shows us there will be either profound and/or fulfilling completions of different areas of our lives OR losses, a sense of purposelessness and emptiness in our lives!

The decision is ours and it’s a simple as where do you wish to place your awareness, thinking, joy and actions

October’s what you make it …

This October whatever you want more of in your life is accelerated with 10 energy so its perfect timing to take pen to paper and -

  • Shift your ‘Wish List’ to ‘Start-this-Week’ List
  • Get creative and transfer your dreams to Collage-your-Vision-Board asap
  • Refresh yourself in nature more often
  • Cleanse your consciousness and manifest with our GREAT Moon Meditations
  • Drink more water
  • Laugh more

To recap …

The ‘10’ energy of this month favours new initiatives, completions and changes in -

  • Promises made to yourself and others over 6 months ago
  • Approaches to nurturing health, happiness and well-being in yourself and others
  • Gratitude for the scaredness of life – yours, others, Nature and our Earth
  • Responsibility, independence, self-reliance and confidence - 2 Oct Aries Full Moon Reading
  • Courage, resourcefulness, learning new skills
  • ‘Dancing’ with more passion, focus and fun through life - 17 Oct Libra New Moon Reading
  • Finding and holding your vision for the times ahead

Many Blessings for a clarifying, light-filled and blessed October, 

2 October 2020: Power-up with the Fiery ARIES Full Moon Reading

Flow with the Grace-filled Airy LIBRA New Moon - 17 October 2020


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