NEW MOON Meditation in Virgo -17 Sept 2020

Virgo is an Earth sign of physical, emotional, and spiritual purification

The New Moon's in Virgo - clean, green, serene

This earthly, lunar cycle reminds us to make cleaner AND greener choices, like buying organic and sustainably sourced goods that support local businesses

It reminds us to value, connect with and nurture Nature in all its forms – get outside, plant things, breath in clean air, be with trees

In a Virgo cycle or Moon, focus on the cleansing properties of water - drinking clean water, being in and on water, seeing water, bathing in thermal waters 

Water’s an ‘essential service’, one we take for granted

It cleans and cleanses everything we are and do and without it, we’re dead

VOTE FOR CLEANER WATER EVERYWHERE YOU CAN – with climate change a reality, water is sacred and needs our full attention, care AND lobbying. Water wars are already happening in other countries, it can happen here, too

Health & well-being are Virgo's domain

So use this lunar launch to get your spiritual, mental, emotional AND physical health routines pepped up

Virgo rules the digestive system – it's absolutely time to flush Winter’s stagnant energy out of your body

  • Start with checking you’re drinking extra clean (non-plastic bottles) water, 2 fresh fruit & 3 veges plus protein, nuts & grains a day for optimum quality energy
  • Recommit to your meditation practices – to manifest, be present and love the life you are having, can have and will have

Organization & efficiency reign supreme when the New Moon’s in Virgo

It's time to sort, file, organize, systematize and de-clutter

  • De-cluttering physical and virtual spaces, even landscapes & gardens is a great stress reducer!
  • Those distracting piles around the house, weeds & overgrowth in the garden and full email in-boxes take up a lot of psychic energy so break them into baby-steps and get them done one by one!


As you honour the Virgo New Moon, surrender to the Divine message of Release, Recycle, Revitalise and Renew – in all aspects of your life, health, work, homes and gardens.

It’s an inspiring and awesome time to create new space for new energy to flow in and expand into something simpler, more calmer, creative and connected for you and your loved ones

New Moons are always a potent day for visualizing the next six months of your life

Every New Moon comes with a promise – to cleanse your consciousness for a fresh start. And the New Moon also comes with guidance from the astrological planet it's in on how and where to focus your intentions. 

They're a wonderful Lunar reminder to lay the groundwork for what you want to manifest in the coming six months, set an agenda and go for it

The stars are supporting you now

If nothing was standing in your way, what do you want to have achieved by the next Virgo FULL Moon on 27 February, 2021? 

Write it down now and continue to reflect & record in your Moon Journal over the next few days

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