3 June 2019: NEW MOON IN GEMINI 

New Moons mark beginnings

New Moons are the perfect time to kick off any new project or idea and to lay the groundwork for what you want to manifest in the coming six months

All new Moons have specific areas that are  more productive than others - simply because of the properties of each astrological sign they are aligned with

At every New Moon, review, refresh and revitalize any project, idea, relationship, new or current, no matter how big or small. The lunar energy and gravitational pull will accelerate progress in the areas associated with both the Moon's phase and the astrological sign it's moving through.

3 June 2019: NEW MOON IN GEMINI 

This 3 June's New Moon in Gemini accents all forms of connections and communications – think relationships & friendships, social events, social media & networking, writing, print & publications, movement of all forms - vehicles, transportation, trips & travel even relocation.

It's also associated closely with the numerology properties of the Number 3 

3's the number of creation, manifestation and self-expression, bringing you more opportunities for - 

  • Travel and shorter journeys
  • Self-expression, creativity and developing new skills, hobbies and talents
  • Joy and romance
  • Happy social activities
  • Visits from friends and relatives
  • More interactions with neighbours & your neighbourhood/community
  • Social media communications – of all kinds

This 3 June New Moon in Gemini is especially auspicious for - seeding new ventures, planning new trips and sending your message out into the world

Whatever’s seeded and nurtured over the next 6 months will fruit in the New Moon December 2019. ENJOY!

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