Moon Meditations for renewal & magical change

New and Full Moon Meditations

Short, sacred, refreshing and focused on creating a productive and happier month for you, our Moon Meditations are NOT phooey, witchy-poo or archaic ... they've been specifically created for your greater peace, happiness and fulfilment in a modern world

By by-passing our constantly over-active mind with short, simple and profound guided meditations every month, we enable our habitually over-active minds to re-connect to the deeper universal flow within our self and the world around us 

When aligned with consciously, the cleansing and manifesting properties of the Lunar Cycles create more harmony and prosperity for us. As an added bonus the more of us meditating together at the same time create an even-more powerful field of energy to empower and manifest our intentions

Every month we have a new opportunity to engage with a new cycle of creation

For centuries, fishermen and gardeners have followed the cycles of the moon to maximize their survival, as planting and harvesting in alignment with the Moon’s cycles ensured the success of their crops and their fishing

The Moon we see changing in the sky each lunar cycle may appear to change it’s shape, but in fact the bright surface we see and the ‘moonlight’ that reaches our Earth is actually sunlight reflecting off the lunar surface. As the Moon orbits our planet, its varying position means that the Sun lights up different regions, creating the illusion that the Moon is changing shape over time.

Our bodies and our lives are also aligned with the phases of the Moon - which is why millions of Indian and indigenous peoples households follow the lunar calendar to maximize their health, wealth, happiness and their food production

As our bodies are 80% fluid, the lunar ‘tides’ of the Moon’s energy on the gravity of our Earth, also affect the energy of our bodies at many levels, subtly and consciously.

NEW MOONS - cleanse & prepare

Every New Moon comes with a promise – a potential for a fresh start. And the New Moon also comes with guidance from the planets on how and where to focus your intentions to move into your next lunar phase with vitality and optimism 

At the New Moon, we focus on cleansing and clearing the past to create clear foundations for a bright and light future

FULL MOONS - creativity & manifestation

At Full Moons we clarify and set our intentions to manifest and harvest your heart-felt desires every lunar cycle. And the Full Moon also comes with guidance from the planets on how and where to focus your intentions 

The Full Moon energy is focused on fulfilment, manifesting and harvesting the lunar and planetary energies to your benefit


Ancient sages say everything you do consciously during an eclipse is amplified a 1000 times!

Allow lunar energies to flow into your physical and energy body for renewal

Dependent on on specific phases of the Moon, different energies from the moon flow through you. Out with the redundant old and in with the new! Allow these Moon Meditations to bring about a magical change in your life

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"Becoming aware of the Moon Cycles has been huge for me as now I can understand why I have felt the way I did over the years.  I’m a Cancer so the last (June 2020) Full Moon Meditation was pretty significant for me. Because of my awareness of the Moon Cycles, I can now 'ride the wave' easier than before.

Every Moon Meditation makes me reflect on those emotions that don’t serve me anymore and directs me to more of what I want to manifest in my life... my actions have become much more focused and intentional as a result"

SK, Hamilton NZ

Meditate together on the FULL MOON

 Sat 31 October Full Moon Meditation - 7.30 to 8pm

Full Moon in TAURUS

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Join our free, online Full Moon Meditation to experience the Full Moon and manifest your heart-felt desires as you create a life you love

You may like to have a dedicated Moon Meditation Journal & pen with you - perhaps light a candle, place a blossom / flower by it and create your own mini-sacred space to get the most from this empowering Meditation

Zoom ID 864 4891 9783 - open 10-15 mins early

Meditate together on the NEW MOON 

15 November New Moon Meditation - 7.30 to 8pm

New Moon in SCORPIO

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Join our free, online New Moon Meditation and move into your next lunar phase with vitality, optimism and a new beginning

You may like to have a dedicated Moon Meditation Journal & pen with you - perhaps light a candle, place a blossom / flower by it and create your own mini-sacred space to get the most from this empowering Meditation

Zoom ID 687 885 3350 - open 10-15 mins early 

"It's good to be reminded of the universal energies that are flowing through our lives and how to maximize them. You're a wealth of knowledge, Yolanda. Thank you so much"

Sandie M, Auckland NZ

2020 Monthly Moon Readings

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Meditation and Mindfulness 

Beautiful (short & longer), time-efficient, guided Meditations by Preethaji, co-founder of the OO Academy & PK Consciousness

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Gardening by the Moon

Koanga Nurseries are the home of New Zealand's largest heritage food plant collection. They always plant by the Moon


Fishing by the Moon

  • Watch the quick video which explains the science of how the Moon Cycles affect the fish feeding habits
  • Here's the NZ Maori Fishing Calendar, dates and description of how the Moon Cycles affect tides and therefore fish feeding habits

Weather by the Moon

Ken Ring is a writer from Auckland, New Zealand, who uses lunar cycles to predict weather and earthquakes. He terms his predictions "alternative weather" and has authored books about the weather and climate

The Maori Lunar Calendar

A brilliant, contemporary video of the Maori Lunar phases and Calendar - ' a voyage from the stars '

watch the video here >>


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