May 2020: Every moment Counts this May

Innovation, collaboration, kindness, every moment counts this May

Autumn's here and our Bubble's are expanding ... this month, the energy of May brings you help, guidance and inspiration on your way forward

The 5 energy of May brings you opportunities and changes for the better 

As change is always happening, this month we’ll benefit heaps from specific areas of focus on from taking a positive approach to getting the most out of every minute of it - serious or not

Remember our 2020 Channeling?

There's a great segment there on why (and how - see the Resource list) nurturing your inner world will bring you more calmness, creativity and connection

'Keeping your balance is super-important this year – here’s 4 areas that will work for you anytime, anywhere ...' 


May requires flexibility, fun and adaptation

Change is in the air and it’s a given that whatever you implement this May is going to work out super-well - even if you can’t see how yet!

Many of us have an internal 'gut leap' when the word change is mentioned - there's almost a subtle automatic response that change's going to be stressful, awful and too be avoided at all costs! Not so - this month is to be fully embraced, nurtured, looked for and engaged with positively

While there are many ways to nurture your heart-felt optimism towards change, one of the most fun ways is to have an 'Artist's Date' - i.e. go somewhere new or do something different every way ... it could be a new walk to explore your neighbourhood, drive a new way to work, park in a different spot, try a different cafe, try something you've never eaten before at the supermarket, go to a new supermarket .. it's a fun, fabulous way to awaken your 'inner adventurer' without going into change-overload

They're heaps of free fun >>

You'll benefit heaps from keeping yourself 'up' too

Holding the faith and looking after your body-mind-spirit this month will pay off heaps, too - for both you AND everyone around you!

What can you do to nurture your body-mid-spirit little by little every day this month? Exercise-wise? Nutritionally? Emotionally? Creatively? Spirituality? Laughter? Love? You decide what's best for you and repeat every day - call it your Heart-and-Soul Fun Medicine - it works

We Kiwi’s THRIVE on innovation, collaboration, kindness

The energy of MAY 2020 is always about change and how focusing on it positively will create short term and many long term impacts for you

As the saying goes ... 'It's not the destination but the Journey' and nothing is truer this May. It's a month where we'll all benefit from dealing with and to the facts, being more aware, conscious and creative to all kinds of new opportunities that uplift your heart and stay true to your vision

It's also a month to access cost-effective resources - anything that brings you back to the present, guides your consciousness towards manifestation and universal support of all kinds and brings more joy and order into your life.

The May you'll benefit from paying extra attention to -

  • New paths of all kinds are opening up – look for opportunities, expect any new skills / knowledge to serve you well now and in the future
  • The name of the 'new game in town' is Connect, Communicate, Collaborate - no holds barred!
  • Letting go in some parts of your life will bring increased freedom and long term gains – this could show up anywhere in your house, work, finances and/or relationships
  • Prioritize anything legal this month - including insurances, finances, accounting or banking
  • Protection is also an attribute of ‘5’ energy! Think long-term future-proofing AND short-term social-distancing

Some Resources you may like to explore this May

1: Breathing Meditation App (free 7 day trial)

Moon Meditations (fab!!), Serene Mind (back into the present in 2-3 mins), Soul Sync (manifesting meditation), Breathe of Renewal (opimise & energise your whole day in 8 Mins) - I LOVE THIS APP - it's all guided by a beautiful young India woman in a high state of awakened consciousness, so your results from meditating are even more powerful

 2: Artists Dates

Julia Cameron's video here shows you how to 'woo and enchant' your own consciousness - beautiful and spiritual fun for life, not just art!

Many of my clients have found her daily 'Morning Pages' life-changing, too. Try them xx

3: Music and Moving

Have you made you own dance-in-your-pyjama's playlist yet? Or hooked into beginner's Yoga with Adrienne on youtube or online work-outs that suit you?

4: Laughter's great medicine!

I get a giggle out of Snoopy now and again and re-watching Johnny English spy movies and old BBC series! What makes you laugh?

5: Your Bubble's more than a To-Do List

Have fun in your Bubble and enjoy every bit of what May has to offer you this year - it has huge potential,

Much love, 


There's a lot to be gained from this year!

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