LIBRA: Yolanda's Astro-reading for LIBRA

23 Sept – 23 Oct

Yolanda reads your beautiful personality, LIBRA

You are an air-sign, dear Libra, known for your sense of ethical fairness and commitment to harmonious outcomes.

Your charming way of expressing others concerns, brings a soft gentleness to every occasion – your lovely Venus energy puts everyone at ease and they love you for it.

Libra air signs are communicators … through words, music, dance, actions and inspiration, Libra’s are natural sharers.

You use your intellect to think logically and rationally; at the same time your ability to communicate and love of people and social situations makes you a people person, a great networker – you have been known to have the gift of the gab, too!

Arty, original, fair-minded Libra

Your predisposition towards the arts and creativity, plus your energetic intellect, your love of new ideas and originality, makes you the ‘grand dame of salons’, an amazing fundraiser, MC of many successful social situations.

Libra’s unique talents and career

Placed in the seventh house, you have the ability to perceive and communicate clearly, Libra. Combine that ability with your rational mind and natural sense of fair play and you have a lethal combination for win-win situations and mediations.

You are well suited to successful careers in law, business, sales, mediation and negotiation, and communicating via the media, radio, film and stage.

Loving your social life, Libra

You are discerning, clever and value loyalty highly, Libra …

Venus is your ruling planet – such a good heart, full of warmth, fun, camaraderie and joy de vivre, your social life is a constant source of emotional rewards – without it you may flounder like a fish out of water.

You seek love in everything you do with and for others – your professional, personal and social relationships will always be valued by others as well as you.

Libra and their Loves

You are very keen to find and keep, Mr / Ms Right – this could be the pursuit of a lifetime – and what a journey it is. There is no place you will not travel to, and only a few social experiences you will forsake, to find him or her.

Please, dear Libra, don’t get hooked on the search instead of the joys of the end-result. Once you are both committed, everything falls into place and flows as it should.

Enjoy the journey and your destination will automatically arrive – only perhaps not when you think it should!

Libra’s optimal Colours

Pastel tones and palettes, diluted shades of cool mushroom, taupe, beiges and greys, blues, black and white, Libra’s see creative potential in what others perceive as ordinary.

Libra’s love their originality, classical simplicity and couture cuts – often sliced by striking slashes of single colours – think Mondrian and Mary Quant.

At the same time, any Libra can waft into the room in discreet designer floral, wearing long when others wear short, wide when others wear narrow and totally make their own unique, elegant statement.

Libra Style - classy, brand-worthy classics

The ‘lightness of being’ comes to mind – make-up so classy, edgy and yet ever-so-natural looks great on you, Libra … the ambience of your designer boutique fragrances float in the air around you.

Whether in tracksuits, Stella McCartney sporty vogue or an Italian suit, dear Libra, you are always original, clever and classy… your friends love you for it

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