LEO: Your Beautiful Astro-reading, LEO

22 July – 22 August

Yolanda reads your beautiful personality, LEO

Now’s the time, Leo, to align with your own astrological gifts, talents and opportunities … and ‘zoom’ into your year with skill and confidence.

Leo’s many qualities …

Dear Leo, you are loyal, responsible, courageous, innovative and decisive with strong leadership qualities.

Your loyal and willing heart will overcome many obstacles for the greater good of others – just be careful it is not to your detriment.

Leo leads in work and in business ...

Leo’s can be great team and group players – they do like to be leaders and have a strong commitment to successful outcomes.

An engaged Leo lends their expertise, energy, problem solving or innovative suggestions to the overall good of whatever group they are working for – business and life partnerships, family, friends and organizations.

You can always trust Leo’s to have a default position of ‘what’s best for everyone’ even if their initial response may be a reactive ‘this is not working for me’ growl.

Leo’s love-life is special ...

Home, family, doing things together are the basis of Leo’s lives. They love to be spoiled AND to spoil others.

Leo’s get involved – if the vacuuming needs doing so the family gets out the door to the beach faster, then they muck in to get the ‘show on the road’. They are generous, fair minded, ethical and love team sports.

Your ideal day out is with others, whether lazing alone under a tree or playing and eating together, you want your loved one’s close. Try a spa date with the girls, a surprise celebrate lunch for work mates or a fun family holiday somewhere innovative or different.

Leo’s passions, ethics and values 

A fire sign – what else for the king of the jungle, Leo’s is powerfully influenced by the heat, emotions and passions of the fire signs. Hence their strong voices, opinions and reactions – which may sometimes cause us to back off fast to safer ground.

And because Leo’s heart is so strong, expect them to live and value codes of ethics and morals. You will find Leo’s drawn to any form of community where the guidelines are clear and honor and valor are attached to their outcomes e.g. any humanitarian organization, the services, United Nations, Olympic sports and associations, Clubs,

Leo and food … delicious!! yum ……

Leo loves nothing more than a loving, inclusive home where everyone works and plays together.

You have super taste buds, Leo. Your favorite meals are outdoors around long, flower-filled, food laden tables with friends and family, park and seaside picnics, and romantic dinners in exotic locations for two.

Using food to bring love, happiness and togetherness to others, Leo’s are inclined towards the wholesome health and nutritional values of food as medicine for the body, heart and spirit.

What colors bring out your best, Leo?

You are a fire sign, dear Leo, and look lovely in all tones of red, yellows and oranges – from pale pastel creams to bright, tropical primaries.

If you feel you are getting overly heated, exhausted or excited, Leo, use the calming blues and greens to relax, chill and enjoy your r-and-r – quiet pastel blues, aqua or emerald greens, turquoise shades or jade and celadon greens.

Gorgeous Leo – from eau naturale to super-sophisticated

Book in for some well-deserved, down-time on a regular basis, dear Leo. You bounce back wonderfully when you do.

You love the warmth, expansion and lazy passion of the tropics … when you shift your beauty focus from eau-natural to super-sophisticated, try out the flame colors – licks of gold, yellow and red drama on eyes and lips are evocative and eye-catching.

Your special occasion fragrances are warm, passionate and designer-expensive; every day splashes of light airy, green grass fragrances refresh and uplift you.

Know your very own, Leo signature style … 

‘Dress to impress’ comes to mind … you can create, plan and dress up with magnificent effect and carry everything off with authority, drama and presence. You make it look so effortless no one would know how much thought, creativity and work you put into it. Congratulations, Leo.

You are powerful and charismatic – even though sometimes you prefer incognito – you can just as quickly hide your flame by withdrawing into your pj’s and ugg-boots with no make-up and scruffy hair.

But, dear Leo, you shine like the brightest star in the universe when your admirers surround you and you feel loved, wanted and valued.

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