Let's meditate for Peace

9 - 15 August 2020   4.30 - 5.30pm daily

live online daily at youtube

Every year, the OO Academy in Southern India (where I've been going since 2005 for wisdom, philosophy, meditation & spiritual courses) has an international World Peace Festival.

Ekam World Peace Festival is a movement in Consciousness. Over a million people join online in a meditation that is relayed from Ekam for 7 days to bring Peace to Human Consciousness.

It's a beautifully run series of live, online, daily meditations created with a huge amount of integrity and authentic support for the welfare, harmony and transformation of human consciousness to live in more Peace.

Masters of spirituality and technology, every day free, short & simple teachings, chants, practices are given via youtube and Facebook.

Find peace within you, help others find peace

I know you are a communicator and are committed to helping others have a genuinely better quality of life.

Accessing Peace within daily is a simple, free and wonderful contribution to any man, woman, child's, animals, nature or Mother Earth's life - we're all intricately connected.

Beautiful videos to see & share - short, gentle, simple

You may enjoy sharing these dedicated Peace videos with others. Or you may like to follow my Oneness Hamilton NZ Facebook page where I post them daily

Please do - you never know how and who will be moved and impacted by your kindness and open-hearted caring

Coming together every day for peace within

9-15 August   4.30pm daily - live online at youtube

You may like to invite your own clients, friends, colleagues or the general public to one or more of the 1x hr live youtube presentations (see Days 1-7) from the 9 to 15 August?

They're starting at 4.30 - 5.30pm and are very beautiful experiences, spoken in excellent English with a sacred atmosphere, simple, gentle, profound and guided throughout.

If so, all the information is available via the dedicated Facebook or Telegram group - called Ekam Peacemakers on Telegram

Here's what I'm doing

From 9 to 15 August, I'm holding daily online and 'at home' World Peace Festival groups. You're welcome to join me - everything's free - on one or every day. 

Text or email me and I'll add you to our WApp Ekam Meditation Circle NZ group so you can follow when I'm offering Meditation Calls, before and from 9 August

Others around NZ are organising public venues and promoting via their local newspapers, social media and TV.

Like to help others find more peace in their lives?

Whatever you're authentically drawn to do to contribute to every individual's and every community’s Peace is hugely beneficial for you, your loved ones and of course ... whopper karmic benefits, too!!

Start with yourself and watching the daily videos for your own personal peace ... from there, simply share xxx

Please call me if you'd like support, help or guidance in drawing people to experience more Peace via this professionally, lovingly and beautifully presented experience.

I'm happy to help you to help others

We'll all be able to join the live, online, international audience of millions live every day from 9 to 15 August at 4.30pm – 5.30pm.

Whether in small groups or bigger groups, online or together, this is an exceptional experience and a huge contribution to transforming Our World.

May you be drawn to inspire and help many!

Thank you so much for your consideration – please don’t hesitate if you'd like help contacting media or bringing a group together.

You're welcome to use / share any of my social media posts, too, whatever helps us all move towards more peace!

Take action today – you can

☮️ Participate in daily #justpeace calls to deepen into it: https://ekam.org/justpeace/
(choose country, time and language)

☮️ Join the Peacemakers telegram group to stay updated: https://t.me/ekampeacemakersmakers

☮️ Join the Peacemakers Facebook group and SHARE YOUR PEACE EXPERIENCES: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ekampeacemakers/?ref=share

Thank you sincerely for your commitment to Peace, for yourself, for others, for all animals and wildlife, for all of Nature and our Planet.