June 2020: Nurture and Beautify Who & What You Love

Nurture your relationships and beautify your world

As Nature turns her seasonal wheel towards outer calm and dignity … deploy the creative and visionary powers a 6 Month brings and brainstorm solutions with your partners and/or teams instead of by yourself

June 2020 - Building strong foundations for what matters most at home 

6 energy focuses on deepening relationships, being present, spending more quality time with and going the extra mile to put MORE love into the ones you love the most - your family members

  • Harmony, peace, simplicity
  • Beauty, calmness, presence, gratitude
  • Relationships, unions, partnerships, romance
  • Social occasions
  • Creativity, imagination, innovation
  • Domesticity – people, house & home, loved ones
  • Pets and animal welfare
  • Health
  • Responsibilities
  • Justice

Build, nurture, renew, revitalise 

This is a month focusing on what holds the most value for us … when the chips are down, what matters the most is the security, simplicity and beauty of your home and your relationships with your loved ones

In the context of a 2020/4 energy Year, we’re focusing on building strong foundations in all aspects of the things that really matter

This June's cycle of energy has all the potential to be both fulfilling and liberating, emotionally and personally for you

It’s time to buddy-up creatively ... all winter long!

  • Create new fun ways to be together
  • Do something different and organise family time together – get outside for a BBQ or picnic, new nature walks, cycling or dig out the monopoly, cards, chess board, draughts or scrabble
  • Aim more for presence and quality, fun one-on-one time and less perfection (it’s a myth, anyway)

Unions, partnerships, marriages and romance

Are all enhanced big-time this month with extra doses of loving-kindness, simplicity, presence and creativity

Don’t forget your pets and animal welfare

  • Your animals absorb the energy of you … however you’re feeling, they absorb and reflect it back to you
  • Whether it’s up or down, sad, angry or grateful and calm and the atmosphere we create in our home – pay attention to your pet’s health and happiness as well as your own
  • Time for the vet check-up? A new best-4-legged-friend, furry, feathered, tail-wagging or otherwise? 

Beauty, harmony and happiness

6 energy’s always about shifting energy positively for happier outcomes and experiences AND nurturing the sense of beauty, harmony and happiness in your heart and the heart of your home 

What energy are you creating in your home and if you don’t like it, where do you start to shift it?

1: Start with your inner world

Focus on the emotions you’re nurturing within yourself? Worry, stress, anxiety, glass half-empty? Shift it quickly to calm, gratitude, happiness, optimism with real-life mini-meditations like I do

2: Include your home and garden

  • How you do you shift it to enhance the happiness, gratitude and beauty of your sanctuary, security and the energy of the building you call home?
  • Tidy, recycle, re-energise, re-new … it’s a well-known fact that clearing out and tidying up anything and everywhere has a massive impact on your health and well-being ... it’s a foundational step to loving and beautifying your home and the time you spend in it

3: Step-by-step AND 10-30 mins every day does the trick

Reconnect with how the harmony of feng shui energy uplifts your home, health & happiness ... Marie Kondo's inspirational for de-cluttering & tidying-up


Nrture your imagination, ingenuity, inspiration and initiation this June - as more opportunities for new experiences and projects abound

Your health

  • Your health needs your attention and nurturing, both spiritually, physically, emotionally and nutritionally 
  • Step-up and out more deliberately, add more greens inside you
  • Sleep more, stress less
  • Enjoy and experience greener Nature outside – bush, parks, beaches are all beautiful in Autumn and Winter


What needs completing this June? Fine-tune and/or complete any legal, financials, initiate and tweak leadership issues at home and work


  • Watch out and attend to any legalities related to law and justice – unpaid parking fines etc!
  • Acts of justice and fair-mindedness
  • Practice more presence & open-mindedness, access your inner wisdom, fairness, active listening brings win-win relationships

Your focus this June - Zen, fun, love, simplicity

  • Beauty, calmness, presence - inside you, your home and loved ones & outside in Nature
  • Show you care - meditate to calm, practice being present, active listening heals all relationships
  • Harmony, peace, gratitude, cleanliness, simplicity for everything your life

And ... remember, there's no-one like YOU - whether you believe it or not, it's true that you’re both unique and beautiful xx



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