June 2020: Get a powerful lunar boost this June this with Moon Meditations

What do you want from this June?

Every month we have a new opportunity to engage with a new cycle of creation

While we mark our month by the Gregorian calendar, the Ancients marked it by lunar cycles whose energy increased from every New Moon, peaked with every Full Moon and diminished over the 6+ days after every Full Moon

June delivers another cycle of empowering eclipses

Ancient sages say everything you do consciously during an eclipse is 1000 more powerfully

Join me this June 2020 to meditate & manifest together with the Moons

Together we'll create a strong, morphogenic energy field enabling your Intentions to manifest faster & more effectively

Join me to Meditate together on every New & Full Moon


Sun 7 June 2020

FULL MOON & Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius

Online Meditation - 4.30 to 5pm

Zoom ID 864 4891 9783 - open from 4.15pm for a prompt start


Sun 21 June 2020

NEW MOON & Solar Eclipse in Cancer

Online Meditation - 4.30 to 5pm

Zoom ID 850 2879 008 - open from 4.15pm for a prompt start


New to zooming? see details below


Full Moons are peaks of creativity & manifestation

The Full Moon is the time where you can manifest your heartfelt desires and create the life you desire

read more on the energy & impact of Full Moons

New Moons – cleanse and prepare

During the time of the New Moon cleanse your past emotions and memories to bring forth a bright and light future

Ask yourself what is it you want? Write it down in your Lunar Moon Journal and bring it to your online, live, New Moon Meditation

read more on the energy & impact of New Moons

Maximize your Moon Meditations

1: Save the date! And join me to Meditate online together on each of the June Full & New Moons 

    NB: There's a different Zoom ID for each Meeting - make a note of each one in your diary by the date!

2: Consider buying and keeping a Lunar / Moon Journal each month – find a line-free journal & pen just & have it with you for each New & Full Moon Meditation

3: Prepare by reading the specific qualities each Moon has for you here  

4: Be alone and undisturbed for your online Meditation and come on a few minutes early (you'll be in the 'Waiting Room')

Your step-by-step guide to Zoom with me!

Download your free ZOOM account on your laptop, tablet or phone and we'll easily connect together on line

Here’s how to join by entering the Zoom Meeting ID Number (above) for either the New or Full Moon Meditation

Important - enter your zoom call 5+ mins before we’re due to start
1: Click on JOIN MEETING and enter your Zoom ID Zoom ID Number, then CLICK TO LOGIN
2: You’ll see a small box asking  you to ‘open zoom meeting’ – click to launch
3: Box pops up to enter your password - no password needed
3: You may also be asked to join with video – click YES
4: You may also be asked to join with audio – click YES
5: A live screen will open – mute yourself immediately by clicking the microphone icon on the bottom left of your screen
6: Leave your video icon untouched (bottom left by microphone icon) so we can see each other as if we were together in-person

Now, jump online and have a great time with us and power-up your month this June 2020

There's a lot to be gained from this year!

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