June 2018: New surges of creativity and connections

The '6' energy of June brings you new surges of creativity and connections 

Chatty social energy uplifts ....

Enriched as we all are by the cycles of life that surround us, June brings a new flow of chatty, socializing energy which inspires you to try new ideas and experiences

Its time to partner up creatively ... all winter long!

It’s a time to partner up with kindred souls to create new things and meetings, brainstorming sessions and coffee dates can spark creative projects that can keep you busy and uplifted all winter long

Set things on an even keel again ...

After the Gemini Full Moon on 14 June things start to slow down before the '7' energy of July comes in to amp things up … use this time to set your relationships, communications and plans onto an even keel and stable footing

This June's cycle of energy has all the potential to be both fulfilling and liberating, creatively and personally for you


June's 6 energy brings you the benefits of ... 

  • Beauty, harmony and happiness

Enhancing the sense of beauty, harmony and happiness in your home 

  • Creativity

More opportunities for new experiences and projects abound

  • Social occasions 

Say 'Yes' to just about every social occaision - they bring new connections and benefits

  • Unions, partnerships, marriages and romance

Are all enhanced big-time this month with extra doses of  loving-kindness and consideration

  • Your Health

Your health needs your attention and nurturing, both spiritually and nutritionally 

  • Your pets and animals

Your pets and the well-being of all animals are included in ‘6’ energy – their health and happiness needs nurturing this month

  • Justice

Watch out and attend to any legalities related to law and justice.

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