Gold Reading - Our Long Weekend Sale

For the first time ever we are having a 'wee sale' this Labour Weekend (this is for our Gold Readings only)

It's to say 'thank you' to all our wonderful clients throughout NZ at this particular (Covid) moment in time.

You're welcome to book your Reading as far ahead or as soon as you like!

You may choose the time & day from our online booking system and book your Reading anytime - up to 6 months ahead if you like (that's around Easter 2022)

What if something unexpected comes up?

You can change your original appointment and have it earlier or later - just send me a text, email or give me a call

Are you looking for a unique, inspiring and lasting Gift?

You're welcome to buy a Gold Reading as a special Gift for a friend, loved one or colleague (leave me the details on your booking & I'll be in touch)

You're saving heaps and not compromising on quality EVER!

Did you know every Gold Reading is normally $265 NZ?

Our Special Long Weekend Sale means you're saving a lovely $105 on every single Gold Reading! (that makes your fabulous Gold Reading $160 instead of $265

We all need a little cheering up at the moment so I hope this will bring a smile to your heart and face.

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GOLD Reading

Whether by Zoom or by Skype, Yolanda reads all aspects of who you are and how you can create a great, abundant and more beautiful life for yourself, now and in the future - relationships, your career and talents, home & family, work, health and much more. Comprehensive, detailed, accurate - FULL DETAILS HERE >>

Our most popular Reading - 60+ mins

We cover a lot for you in a Silver psychic reading

SILVER Readings

Whether by Zoom or by Skype, you'll receive a focused 'mini-view' of where you are now and how to move forward with clarity, confidence and ease FULL DETAILS HERE >>

Focused, detailed, precise - 30+ mins