GEMINI: Your Beautiful Astro-reading, Gemini

May 21 – June 20

Your Gemini Personality

Dear Gemini, you are the communicators of the zodiac … creative, often entrepreneurs, you love new ideas, approaches, innovations, explorations and adventures.

You have an energetic, imaginative, curious, adaptable and able mind, dear Gemini.

And luckily for the rest of us, your innate curiosity leads you towards the best possible experience of every minute of your daily life.

Whether it’s paying attention to decorating the just-baked-bread, crossing the t’s in details and documents, packing the back-pack or suitcase meticulously, being accountable in all transactions or coordinating colors and outfits, Gemini’s pay attention to the details.

Gemini's love people and people love them

Gemini, you love a good, well thought-out get-together … and don’t mind a bit of the spotlight, either. People interest – let’s be truthful, fascinate you - and this makes you so appreciated and enjoyed by others.

Your natural love of communicating can take you in many different directions, dear Gemini.

Your innate creativity can absorb nuances and give them new life via other forms of communication - think story-telling, a love of writing and reading – letters, diaries, novels, copy-writing, lyrics, poetry, theatre and film scripts, articles, even blogs.

As a born communicator, you also have natural abilities in acting, drama, music, and dance. You are bound to love at least one of those and be impressed by them in others, too.

Relationships ... Gemini's need balance and harmony

Once you find ‘the one’ – and it can take some time as you don’t rush into these areas lightly, dear Gemini - you are loyal, love your home and value your close friends and family highly.

Being drawn to wanting to experience the best and fullest from every aspect of your life - to the best of your ability - may make you seem ‘picky’ to others.

Whether with animals or people, writing, acting, music, travel or everyday socializing at gatherings, events and conferences, you have the rare ability to balance your social life with your home life, Gemini.

You value your home and property, your peace and quiet, just as much as you love getting out and about.

Your life is there to be explored and enjoyed, dear Gemini … please make sure you do.

Business and professional - 'call your shots, Gemini'

‘Laissez-faire’ is for others … you must feel happy with any contribution you make, Gemini, whether its cleaning the bench after morning tea, taking the time to read, reflect and consider the fine print on legal documents or plan your next new project with attention and excitement.

If you are going to work with others, you are best performing in an independent role of responsibility within a group. Being creative, innovative, questioning and responsible, many Gemini’s perform best independently within a framework.

Restrict a Gemini too forcefully, act without fair communication or show questionable ethics and a true Gemini will move towards independence, entrepreneurship and self-employment.

A grounded earth sign, business or life partner is always a great asset for the Gemini soul.

Gemini's Colors enhance their life

Classy, discreet, imaginative ...

Your first colors are the ones that move and energize you to action – reds and fuchsia pinks. Even wearing them in discreet flashes, gives you a creative, classy edge and shows everyone you really do have an imaginative secret side.

Mercurial communicator ...

To align with your mercurial mind wear cool pale English blues, quiet pale greys with silver highlights and classic crystals;

Wear soft pastels like lemon, pale pale pink and lilac, soft browns. You can always add highlights of red, lime, citrus and fuchsia so you won’t come to a complete standstill unless you want to.

Gemini's Fashion and Fragrances - classy, casual and subtle

Being young at heart the contemporary, elegant scents suit your slightly-edgy personality rather than the classics. A splash of light floral and citrus goes a long way.

Gemini’s prefer to look classy, elegant and low key. Emphasis those lovely, curious, alive eyes of yours, Gemini.

Your life is there to be explored and enjoyed, dear Gemini … have a wonderful year!

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