Happy Taurus Full Moon - 13 Nov 2019

This Taurean Full Moon is a balance between following your heart’s desires, loving what you've got and planning for A BEAUTIFUL LIFE ahead 

Stay Strong, Safe, Stable and Secure

Sensual AND Sensible, Earth-sign Taurus reminds you to stay grounded, practical and realistic, to nurture your earthy roots and keep your feet firmly planted on Mother Earth to stay strong, stable and financially secure.

Taurus encourages balance

Chill out emotionally, physically, mentally and holistically - choose to nurture your peace of mind, calmness, creativity and connection instead of worry, stress and 'driving' your energy instead of 'directing' it

Try enjoying the Present Moment more fully (whatever you’re doing) and list both every big and small action that's focused on creating a beautiful, healthy and happier future for yourself

Finances and your future

Spending & Savings are definitely under this Full Moon's spotlight!

We all have our desires, dreams AND responsibilities so keep a close eye on going over-board on expenses or indulgences; focus instead on budgeting and activating those new Savings Plans and account AP’s asap!

Taurus loves precision! seize your dream

Define and seize your dream!

Plans and to-do lists rule this week! Put into place an infrastructure to define and seize a dream you’ve been hunting for months

This Full Moon gives you permission to open the throttle but pay attention to the details - cross every T, dot every 'i' and get the best deal on every transaction (and I mean 'every'!!).

Just remember to journey with Taurean meticulousness and practical logic.

Taurus energy rules the Throat Chakra 

Try speaking your truth with care ‘so others can hear’

Taurus is also ruled by Number 6 qualities

Pay extra attention to these areas over the next 6 days AND the following 6 months to the next Taurus Full Moon in April 2020

  • Beauty, harmony, romance at home
  • Creativity
  • Special Occasions
  • Domesticity- anything to do with home including real estate,property maintenance, even sales
  • Marriage and Partnerships
  • Pets and Animal health and happiness
  • Responsibilities  -- your's!!
  • Your Health - look after 'Spaceship Body' - it's what you travel through your life in, after all! 
  • Justice, legal and accounting matters

And last but not least ...

Nurture beauty in your home, body, relationships and Planet with simplicity, appreciation and cleaner, greener choices … they're creating your future xx

©copyright 2019 Yolanda Cholmondeley-Smith is a well-known intuitive clairvoyant, psychic and mediumUsui Reiki Teacher and Meditation Teacher.

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