Celebrate a Happy, Light-filled Easter this Year!


This Easter we have a fabulous Full Moon In Libra - as a rare and auspicious 19 April Full Moon empowers all the qualities of Libra twice in a row!

This Full Moon enhances and celebrates balance and cooperation in all forms of relationships and partnerships at home and at work as well as in national and global politics.

Interpersonal harmony and fairness are powerful attributes of this Easter's Full Moon energy – wonderful opportunities for genuine, heart-felt cooperation and connections are nurtured and nourished in this Full Moon energy.


Easter always gifts us uplifting 'Spring-cleaning' energy to realign with and tweak, check and focus on recommitting to the future we'd planned to and dreamed off experiencing.

Only with the courage to make change and the lists and plans to execute each step towards that change - AND KEEP GOING - will our future turn out with all things we've dreamed of in it!

It's the perfect... and empowered ... time to assess any of your resistance(s) and commit to the whatever small, continuous steps that'll create the future you’ll love.


Follow your heart and your intuitive Inner Guidance - if it makes your heart happy, your emotions lighter and excited and optimistic then it's for you.

Have the courage to plan and stay your course and always remember to put out to The Universe, exactly what you want and ask for the help and right people to appear and support you.

It's always a great time to take a new look at your future!

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