CAPRICORN: Your Beautiful Astro-reading, Capricorn


Dedicated, persistent and loyal, you Capricorns rock

Dearest Capricorn, you are tenacious and persistent, the hardest worker in the zodiac.

You stick with every project from beginning to end, often finishing what others start.

You are loyal, committed and always supportive; a steadfast team player who also loves following your own indivi

dual pursuits.

You value the good things in life, have good taste, a slightly-suspect sense of humour and a leaning towards the creative arts and culture. 

Your career, business and work talents, Capricorn

A team player you work hard and smart - with and for the team - and give more of yourself to any project than anyone else.

Your patient efficiency and determination means a smart employer would use your ability to see any project through, wisely and generously. You do not appreciate being used and will quietly move in another direction if it persists.

Please set yourself up to be rewarded financially with whatever you do, Capricorn. You do not work for money first or alone but your steady heart needs the balance of material security and tangible appreciation for your stellar commitment.

Capricorn Relationships 

Steadfast and loyal, resourceful and capable, you are a true friend, even if it takes you a while to get started! This is because you like to see if others play fair and have similar ethics to you.

Edging towards the conservative, you are equally drawn to more eccentric innovative personalities, especially if they have succeeded materially.

Your big heartedness means you do not like to give offence; your innate sensitivity to fair play makes you a loyal and empathetic friend, often unexpectedly supportive and caring.

Partnerships and Marriage

Reserved and cautious in relationships Capricorn, you research and deliberate carefully before committing. This can mean long courtships which can be mistaken for indecision.

Like the marriages of old – often more like binding legal agreements – Capricorns consider how their partner will fit into the family, what kind of future they can build together, the kind of legacy they can leave behind, pleasing the ancestors and financial stability. Naturally, this takes time, experience and some reflection …..

Once all the dice to fall into place, there is no more committed partner in the universe than a Capricorn. They marry for life.

Fashion and colour - earthy Capricorns love quality, beauty and practicality

You love good quality, dear Capricorn. Garments must be aesthetic, appropriate and practical. 

You prefer well known brands, discreet, tailored, quality and extremely practical for both active and work wear.

Think classic

Think traditional, subtle, family tweeds or tartans, old-school ties and inherited jewellery to add classical statements.

Your style is basically subtle, conservative, never ostentatious and quality every step of the way – even t-shirts are 100% cotton, Havana’s chosen over flip-flops.

Capricorns flourish in Colours of the Earth

Use the earth colours as staples – rich to pale tones of chocolate and truffle brown, mushroom and terracotta, ecru and latte.

plus ... the odd arty flashes

Please break out now and again with lime green socks/stockings and the odd stunning tie or nail polish – just to show there's passion, fire and fun fire inside your responsible heart

Power-up your results at work, Capricorn  ...

Reflecting your work attitudes and ethics, you will be drawn towards French navy, discreet tartans, white and stripes, shades of greys with flashes of colour or gold.

Black is not for you – it does you no justice, hides the qualities of your heart and, in your case can empower domination and imbalance in relationships.

Subtle statement perfumes

You have a fabulous knack for finding just the right scented ‘note’ for every occasion and could easily have two or three perfumes for varying occasions.

Understated classic perfumes suit you best, the more discretely expensive and beautifully branded the better. ‘You deserve it’ is my mantra for you, dear Capricorn.

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