21 June – 22 July

Yolanda reads your beautiful personality, CANCER

Dear Cancer ... so lovely, charming, clever and considerate 

Dear Cancer – you're a lovely charmer, clever, fascinating and considerate, too. A water sign, your emotions are powerfully influenced by the moon cycles and tides.

When your magic reaches out, you are the most enticing companion – sincere, reserved and romantic – underneath your sometimes-cautious exterior you are a total sweetie with heaps of  chutzpah, too, Cancer.

Reserved, sometimes cautious or introspective, you value and appreciate ethical, conservative, stable and balanced partnerships in love and business.

What matters most to you, dear Cancer?

You're a 'family person' ......... home and family stability and financial security are the most important things to you, followed by your treasured memories, family genealogies, photos, stories and memories.

Personally, your ideal day out would be close to, or in the sea, browsing stalls at the markets, walking or cycling in nature and an afternoon in a delightful country pub or cafe ... always with your besties.

Relationships ... who are your friends, Cancer?

You do not rush into things so it may take you a while to get together with people – a couple of dates are a must before you can make any decisions.

Cancer’s will take their time before calling their shots. At business and social partnerships, you are most compatible with Pisces and Scorpio and can have lots of fun and friendships with Aquarius, Gemini and Libra.

Food .... Cancer's love 'yum' with a twist!

You appreciate quality, dear Cancer – wholesome mother-earth, nutritional food – with a slight gourmet twist. A traditional stew would get upgraded to a simply delicious fish bouillabaisse; an apple crumble would become crumble extraordinaire.

You’re a great cook – so break out the pots and cook up a stylish storm of healthy, casually elegant dishes – we will love them.

Colours - get your vibes dancing, Cancer

Aqua’s and blues calm your sensitivity and emotional responses to the moon tides. Highlights of white and drifting scarves add sea foam to your creative and chic stylization.

Add fish scale metallics, mother of pearl rainbow reflections, sea shells and spirals and you are already accessorized.

Fashions and scents that suit You, Cancer ...

You are super aware and can really ‘turn it up’ when you want to, Cancer. Spiffy or gorgeous, brand-conscious undies reveal the most about the the inner you - your individuality and love of discreet quality.

Water-based, subtle, clean and fresh scents whether it’s day or night ... cleanliness and clarity uplift you and enhance all your relationships, too.

Water ... water ... water

Taking care of your skin is important to you and you're a Water Baby - always check your fluids daily, any related water sports soothe your soul and and stretch your body and mind ... 

Water Therapy always works for you ...  soaking in the bath after a long day at work and those regular thermal spas and bath trips bring you peace, relaxation and expansion.

Whenever possible, revive your body, heart and soul with regular Spa time-out, dear Cancer


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