Cancer New Moon - home, family and finances

29 June 2022

This New Moon in Cancer rules the security of the family, home and finances

Aligned with the Water Element and arriving on the heels of the 21 June Sun Solstice and 24 June Matariki New Year this New Moon in Cancer is calling us home to -

  • Give love and attention to our nests
  • Nurture our health and well-being
  • Gather together and explore our family connections and history
  • Get sorted with our finances

'From the New Moon to the Full Moon is a most favourable time for activiting any form of increasing - in your finances, health, relationships, property and work'

Read on!

And see how the Fengshui, Astrological, Crystal and Meditations related to the Cancer New Moon can initiate a whole new cycle of energy for you 

Water Element Cancer

The Water Element sign of Cancer is associated with flow in life, cleansing and revitalising all aspects of our energy bodies and our life. 

Cancer is a Water Element and Water’s healing, restorative powers are legendary

  • Drink more clean water and flush any stagnant energy out through your body and chakras faster
  • Energise your emotionals via your drinking water container, by writing an inspiring or loving intention or a simple ‘thank you’ on it - see Dr. Emoto’s research on water ‘holds’ all energy, good and bad
  • Detox and soothe in thermal waters, breath and paddle or walk by the sea, rivers or lakes as much as possible – bare feet are best even in winter!
  • Fill the bath with Epsom salts, add your beautiful Cancer Crystals and some candle light and nurture your body and soul.

5 Astrological benefits of the Cancer New Moon 

Cancer is the sign of the home, family and security. It brings nurturing energy and an emphasis on home, family and security as one of the most valuable aspects of our lives

1: Positive ways to harmonise your home and family this Cancer New Moon

Use some simple Feng Shui tips to energise and beautify the abundance areas of your home this Cancer New Moon and Season

Bring everyone together - organise a family dinner and use your best inherited china, cutlery, etc to decorate the table

Our ancestors love being remembered and enjoyed – research their history, record family stories and traditions, collect family photographs and share fun memories together this Cancer New Moon energy

2: Cancer governs the home

Cancer governs our home so you may buy or sell property in this cycle

It’s a great time to update your interiors or exteriors – if interiors, begin in the room you spend the most time in

Use Feng Shui tips to energise your Abundance areas >>

3: Check, check, re-check anything to do with your finances

Is your Rainy-Day, Plan B account getting regular donations? Can you get a better deal on your mortgage, Kiwi Saver or investment portfolio?

Now’s the time to get clear on where your money is going, compared to where your money needs to go to.

Cancer New Moon is asking us all to take care of every resource we have this year.

4: Tune into your Inner Guidance

  • Calm your mind and breathe, move into your inner heart and connect with your inner being (see our Meditations for this Cancer New Moon)
  • Grab a pen and free-write (no stopping to think, just write whatever comes to mind
  • A few weeks of doing this daily really does shift your energy and increase your intuitive ability.

Try free-writing and see – here’s how >>

5:The Divine Feminine

Cancer rules the Divine Feminine in all aspects of our lives and in Nature

She has had many Names over the centuries and millennia – which aspect of Her do you connect to?

  • A lovely place to start is by researching images that you emotionally respond to, then place the one(s) you love on your own alter space with a candle, incense and flowers / a plant.
  • Then chat away to Her (inwardly or outwardly) as your dearest friend.
  • Put it out there when you need help and guidance - the universe really does respond.

Keep an eye on the following when Cancer energy is active

Cancer vibes can be overly sensitive or emotionally reactive

If so, have a good boo-hoo if in the privacy of your own space – it’s cleansing.

Blow your nose then focus on the positive - Gratitude for any and every little thing heals us big-time AND brings more of the same back to us.

Harmonise your being with fresh air, exercise, water, meditation, nutritional food and sleep and take life in your stride more easily

Stress and worry about finances

Financial facts remove fears – Cancer suggests you do your homework and see the details AND the big picture clearly with the awesome help of sites like >>

2 Beautiful Cancer New Moon Crystals

Work with these two crystals for - open heartedness, security, safety, emotional vulnerability, family healing, feminine/yin energy


A stone for “new beginnings”, Moonstone is a stone of inner growth and strength

It soothes emotional instability and stress, and stabilises the emotions, providing calmness

Moonstone enhances intuition, promotes inspiration, success and good fortune in love and business matters.




Encourages mind focus, calmness and promotes fertility

Selenite is a calming stone that instils deep peace and is excellent for meditation or spiritual work

It assists judgement and insight and focuses the mind

It clears confusion and aids in seeing the deeper picture

Selenite aligns the spinal column and promotes flexibility.


Meditations for Abundance in health, wealth and happiness

Soul Sync to manifest abundance in finances, family relationships or health

Serene Mind Practice - for mindfulness and presence

Peace Meditation - for calm & stillness


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