30 May 2022 - creative, charming, communicative New Moon in Gemini

Communicative and charming this New Moon in Gemini can pack a punch

Aligned with the Air Element, this New Moon in Gemini is fabulous for creativity, communications of all kinds (think websites and social media) and innovative approaches to just about everything!

'From the New Moon to the Full Moon is a most favourable time for increasing activities' ...

See how the fengshui, astrological and crystal energies related to Gemini can initiate a whole new cycle of energy for you this Winter.

Air Element Gemini

The Air element sign of Gemini is known for it's intelligence and it's communication abilities (often witty or humorous), it's sociability and free-spirited nature

Best Astrology aspects of this Gemini New Moon 

  • Volatility, curiosity and inquisitiveness - careers include craftsmen, authors, broadcasters
  • Intelligence, great thinking skills, inventiveness and enthusiasm
  • Cleverness, curiousness and charm
  • Creativity, competence and persuasion
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and team motivation
  • Good heads for business, tenacious and perservering
  • Loyalty to the ‘right’ partner in business or life
  • Fun-loving, life of the party, heaps of fun 
  • Forgiving

Worst aspects of a Gemini New Moon

  • Can be indecisive, impulsive or unreliable
  • Can have trouble keeping confidences
  • Can loose interest quickly or get impatient if results aren’t obvious or immediate
  • Emotionally distant or overly analytical

 Gemini New Moon Crystal Inspiration

Work with these Crystals for clear communication, new ideas, decision-making, collaborations, open-mindedness

Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate is considered a stone of serenity and speech, owing to its soft, angelic blue color. It balances the yin-yang forces, as well as providing physical, emotional and mental balance.

When meditated with, Agate can stimulate analytical capabilities and precision, providing enhanced perceptiveness to all situations through awakening ones inherent talents "

  • Self-truth
  • Transformation
  • Calming
  • Throat Chakra , neck and thyroid health


Spiritually strong and shot with incredibly high vibrations, Apophyllite can bring calm, clarity and illumination to any situation

  • Use it to remove mental confusion, enhance clarity and perceptiveness and empower your intuition
  • It supports you in making wise and good decisions in matters of the heart
  • Apophyllite regulates your respiratory functioning, aids in healing grief and is a great stone for treating asthma and breathing problems
  • It is helpful when treating allergies and supports stress reduction and memory retention.

Cleanse your Crystals every New or Full Moon

Use a crystal or clear glass bowl
Fill it with filtered, purifies or sea salt water
Place outside at night time overnight for a (few) days under the New and/or Full Moons for that month

Feng Shui - activate your home & office with Gemini energy

Fengshui Air Element Colour & Designs

  • Cool pale English blues, quiet pale greys with silver highlights and classic crystals
  • Soft pastels like lemon, pale pale pink and lilac, paler tones of blues
  • Highlights of red, lime, citrus and fuchsia 

Anything that has movement and lightness 

Think chimes and wind bells, fragrant incense and candles, soft fur-like cushions, dreamy drapes and floating chiffons to enhance your Air Elements.


Meditations for creativity, balance & inspiration

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