3 March 2022: New Moon in Pisces brings calm, creativity & abundance into your life

With nothing but good vibes, this New Moon is an invitation to focus on your creativity, dreams and inner wisdom

Dig deep, meditate and allow yourself to dream

As one of the most magical new moons of the year, it’s an opportunity to take a leap of faith, with the universe fully supporting you.

New Moons carry within them a unique window of time that allows us to more easily share our intentions with the universe

During this New Moon in Pisces, this is even more true

Pisces energy is all about taking the time to explore your inner worlds, trusting your dreams and understanding that you can achieve them simply because they exist - the universe doesn’t allow you dreams that are unattainable.

You have the opportunity to plant the seeds to manifest a new life for yourself

  • Jupiter close by this New Moon in Pisces magnifies, amplifies and expands on this energy
  • Uranus sends high vibes and unique opportunities
  • Saturn and Pluto means we won’t have to work as hard to access this magic

What would a new life look like?

If you could create anything you wish, snap your fingers and your world would magically morph, what would this new life look like?

Under this generous and magical New Moon, you have the opportunity to plant the seeds to manifest a new life for yourself. The only question is, can you suspend your doubts and fears long enough to trust the universe to deliver?

Stay open and receptive to whatever comes your way during the days leading up to and after March 3 - your only 2022 New Moon in Pisces

Empowering Crystals for Pisces energy






  1. Enhances mental clarity
  2. Assists in detoxication and efforts to kick addiction
  3. Helps you sleep and decode dreams






  1. An “illusion-buster” that protects from over-serving others
  2. Enables big-picture thinking
  3. Is powerful for Meditation, increasing awareness and insights

Work with these Crystal to connect to -

  • Imagination
  • Healing
  • Prophetic dreams
  • Intuition
  • Compassion
  • Empathy
  • Artistic vision

Use Pisces Crystals at these times -

PISCES Season: 18 Feb – 20 March

PISCES New Moon:  3 March 2022

PISCES Full Moon:  10 September 2022

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