29 July 2022: New Moon in Leo - creativity, passion, transformation

The 29 July New Moon in Leo rules change, transformation, courage and passion - all the qualities you'll need to create and experience new adventures

This empowering lunar cycle gifts you with increased opportunities for transformation, love and glamourous make-overs!

Plus it puts the 'wind under your wings' to support you manifesting your heart's desires

Aligned with the Fire Element, this Leo New Moon empowers you to -

  • Be open to new adventures everywhere
  • Follow your passion to create fabulous change
  • Believe in the power of love
  • Step into your courage to speak up for what you believe in
  • Express your gratitude for overcoming personal challenges
  • Commit to more fun-filled happiness in your relationships

'From the New Moon to the Full Moon is a most favourable time for activiting any form of increasing - in your finances, health, relationships, property and work'

Read on!

And see how the Fengshui, Crystal, Colours and Meditations of this Leo New Moon initiate you into a whole new cycle of energy

Fire Element Leo

The Fire Element qualities of Leo are associated with bursts of energy making us more passionate about projects and people. 

Fire is a purification element enabling you to cleanse and release the past.

It clears the way for forgiveness, compassion and a courageous, clearer commitment to a focused, loving future

The Fengshui Fire and Astrological Leo qualities are very similar -

* Passion

* Enthusiasm

* New beginnings

* Love

* Transformation

* Creativity

* Energy

* Courage

* Willpower

Keep an eye on the following when Leo is active

Leo energy can make for impulsive decisions or actions - steer your course to avoid 

* Recklessness or moving too fast when making decisions

* Jealousy-based decisions 

* Volatile emotions or financial fluctuations

* Unpredictable and sudden changes

* Danger

Fire Element Colours to energize your life

Red, Pink, Yellow, Orange or Purple - all tones and shades 

All colours are vibrations of energy whether eaten, worn or seen by wearing or used decoratively

Used consciously and in the right balance, the Fire Element Colours can empower, balance and harmonise your life at home and work as follows -

  • Physical health and well-being

Eat Fire Element colours - red, orange, brown & purple freuits and vegetables

  • Emotional happiness, confidence, self-esteem & empowerment, creativity

Wear any tone together or singly of the Fire Element colours that suit you

  • Work productivity, resourcefulness, focus, success

Decorate your home and office with any tones of the 5 Fire Element colours that you are drawn to

        read more about Fengshui and Colour >>

2 beautiful Leo New Moon Crystals for you

Work with these two crystals for - courage, creative flow and inspiration, digesting new ideas, expressing yourself freely and opening to love


Known as the success or prosperity stone, Citrine helps to magnify personal power and attract love and abundance.

* It brings happiness and hope 

* Boosts new beginnings

* Is an anecdote to depression

* Encourages free expression, self confidence and personal empowerment

* Promotes inner strength and self esteem, courage and resourcefulness



Known as a stone of unconditional love and adored by the Egyptians as a beauty stone, Rose Quartz -

* Opens the heart and empowers relationships

* Nurtures healing and harmony

* Stimulates compassion and connection to self and others

* Nurtures self reflection and inner growth

* Brings fulfilment and inner peace to the wearer


Meditations for Abundance in courage, confidence and love

Simple, easy and effective, these guided meditations shift your energy into creativity, transformation, adventure and love

Soul Sync - to manifest love in your relationships and your heart's desires

Serene Mind Practice - for mindfulness & presence

Peace Meditation - for calm, stillness, creativity, kindness


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