24 JUNE: The 2021 Capricorn Full Moon Activates Your Ambitions

It’s here! And it’s the only one this year!

The 2021 Capricorn full moon arrives on Thursday, June 24 to ignite long-term goals and give structure to our ambitions

Symbolized by the persistent and steady Sea Goat, this Full Moon (the only one in Capricorn this year) shines its head lights on your life, projects and visions

Ready, steady, focus - 6 ways to activate your ambitions at the 2021 Capricorn Full Moon

An illuminating experience!

  • See where you cut corners or skipped steps and put the integrity back into your mission
  • If you got distracted from an important goal, snap back to attention
  • Pick up the ball and run with it again

It’s never too late to start over

1. Change gears and get back-on-track with your dreams

Are your goals manifesting in a way that brings you joy? Or could they use a full-on course correction? Pause to plan new pathways to get yourself back on track 

Strong structures begin with a blueprint. Now’s the time to get back to your creative drafting board.

This single-focused Full Moon might inspire you to do LESS, but to give your all to one important benchmark that you want to accomplish by the end of 2021

After you have the desired endpoint, sketch out a list of actionable items. If you’re serious about developing a venture, you’ll probably need support - one session with a consultant might be all that’s needed to acceleration, clarity and focus

2. How are you using your time?

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the God of Time, so under this Full Moon -

  • Examine your relationship to the clock
  • Open up your calendar and have a look
  • Start plugging commitments back into your daily grid
  • Set reminder alarms so you don’t have to rely on memory

Have you over-scheduled yourself with conference calls, family duties and community action projects?

  • Leave room for spontaneity
  • Full Moons reveal surprises
  • Open up space in your life for magic!

3. Persist - the roots create the fruits

Capricorn is the zodiac sign that rules structures. If you want to make a lasting difference, dig down, dig deep and be tenacious!

Following protocol can be frustrating, but it’s part of the slow and steady methodology that a Capricorn-fuelled victory requires. Persist!

4. Structure – bite-size is the right-size

Without structure, there really can’t be any creativity or freedom for the long haul. It’s one of those universal paradoxes: Without teeth-gritting discipline, the pyramids would never have been built.

Break things down into action steps to get through any challenge - Capricorn’s systematic flow makes all the difference.

 Bite sized is the right size when it gets you one step closer to your goal every day

5. Feeling brave? Try letting your resistance guide you

This brings us to the next piece of your 2021 Capricorn Full Moon transformation work. Ask yourself: “What am I resisting?” Be brave, and totally honest with yourself here.

Ask yourself: What am I protecting myself from by not taking action? How can I help myself feel safe and get back into action?

6. Fresh Starts at the 2021 Capricorn Full Moon

This Capricorn Full Moon says -  

  • Forgive yourself
  • Set a new goal
  • Begin again

Capricorn energy is about taking careful steps up the rocky trail

If you only focus on the top of the mountain it seems daunting

But if you just take the first step, and the one after that, soon enough you’ll look up and see you’re halfway to the top

Now’s the time to enjoy recommitting to your dreams over the next six months. Enjoy!

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