2022 Full and New Moons & their Astrology Signs

Dependent on on specific phases of the Moon, different energies from the New Moon or the Full Moon will flow through you

The dependence of our indigenous ancestors on the environment led them to closely study the changes and cycles in nature so they could ensure their survival in their tribal area.

Knowledge of aspects such as the sea conditions and best planting and harvesting times at each day of the month were carefully observed and remembered and community activities were arranged according to the phases of the Moon.

This traditional knowledge was handed down orally and through practical demonstration to the elders by their forebears, and from them to the next generations.

Allow lunar energies to flow into your physical and energy body for renewal with our Moon Meditations

Dependent on on specific phases of the Moon, different energies from the New Moon or the Full Moon will flow through you

  • New Moons initiate beginning energy and also cleanse and prepare you for the next phase of the Lunar month
  • Full Moons help you manifest and harvest your heart's desires
  • Solar and Lunar eclipses amplify everything

Every Moon phase is a part of the astrological cycle. Each Sign enhances and energizes the opportunities and attributes of whichever Lunar Phase the New or Full Moon is in.


18 Jan - CANCER

17 Feb - LEO

18 March - VIRGO

17 April - LIBRA




12 August - AQUARIUS

10 September - PISCES

10 October - ARIES

9 November – TAURUS & Total LUNAR ECLIPSE

8 December - GEMINI




3 March - PISCES

1 April – ARIES & partial SOLAR ECLIPSE

1 May – TAURUS

30 May - GEMINI

29 June - CANCER

29 July - LEO

27 August - VIRGO

26 September - LIBRA

25 October – SCORPIO & partial SOLAR ECLIPSE

24 November - SAGITTARIUS

23 December - CAPRICORN

"Becoming aware of the Moon Cycles has been huge for me as now I can understand why I have felt the way I did over the years.  I’m a Cancer and because of my awareness of the Moon Cycles, I can now 'ride the wave' easier than before.

Every Moon Meditation makes me reflect on those emotions that don’t serve me anymore and directs me to more of what I want to manifest in my life... my actions have become much more focused and intentional as a result"

SK, Hamilton NZ

Moon Meditations for Renewal and Magical Change

Solar and Lunar Eclipses: Agents of Change

How to Use the Power of Moon Phases to Increase your Abundance

Planting by the Moon

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