2021: A Much Happier New Year

2021 is a '5' year numerologically

The number '5' energy of 2021 is bringing you six 'f' words to play with over the next 12 months - they're nice rather than naughty so enjoy!

6 words to focus on for a beautiful & beneficial New Year


Look for it in every day and way and expect to find (and share) it


Write your vision(s) for this year and commit to working towards it some part of every day

Freedom and flow

Our minds limit us when we lack awareness to see how limiting beliefs and unconscious patterns of thinking and behaving are affecting all our outcomes

This is a year to consciously nurture flow and expansion, which in turn gives you all forms of freedom


Pay attention to them as 'cents save dollars', look for value in spending and investing, cut back on indulgences and treat yourself later


This year is already moving fast and it'll continue to do so

Stay informed and prepare yourself to focus on what you're working towards, detailing and dovetailing your finances, learning how to flow and expand rather than resist and limit and HAVE FUN!

The Chinese New Year Welcomes the Year of the Metal Ox 

From 12 Feb 2021 - 1 Feb 2022

Yippee! Here's another New Year cycle (and if you add Matariki, we in New Zealand have access to 3 New Year cycles annually - lucky us)

Read the 2021 Year of the Metal Ox Astrological Overview here >>

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