2021: A Much Happier New Year

2021 is a '5' year numerologically

The number '5' energy of 2021 is bringing you six 'f' words to play with over the next few months - they're nice rather than naughty so enjoy!

6 words to focus on for a beautiful & beneficial 2021 - plus 4 fabulous resources that work for you

1: Fun

Look for it in every day and way and expect to find (and share) it

What makes you happy? What makes you laugh? Cooking muffins for the neighbours, going for a walk in the rain / sun, reading a fabulous book, watching an inspiring documentary series, doing an energizing or calming meditation, streeeeetching?

Do more of it every day

Nurturing your own happiness and peace of mind is a huge contribution to a happier family, happier relationships, happier and more productive & abundant workplaces

2: Focus 

Write your vision(s) for this year and commit to working towards it some part of every day

Learn how to create (important) and follow through with your Intentions & Affirmations

Make a Vision Board and put it where you can see it every day

3 & 4: Freedom and flow

Our minds limit us when we lack awareness to see how limiting beliefs and unconscious patterns of thinking and behaving are affecting all our outcomes

This is a year to consciously nurture flow and expansion, which in turn gives you all forms of freedom

Return to the present every time you become aware your thinking is in the past (dead memories) or future (not yet happened)

3 quick ways to return to the present moment throughout your day

  1. Serene Mind Practice (guided meditation 3 mins)
  2. Kenyoku (Japanese Reiki technique x 30 - 60 secs)
  3. 3 Conscious Breaths 30 - 60secs, do anywhere)

5: Finances

Pay attention to them as 'cents save dollars', look for value in spending and investing, cut back on indulgences and treat yourself later

Money Hub - try this - it's got everything for NZ'ers and is totally up-to-date (good weekly email)

6: Fast

This year is already moving fast and it'll continue to do so (Yes, time as we know it IS moving faster and returning to the present moment regularly throughout the day is one of the fastest moment's to harvest it)

Stay informed and prepare yourself to focus on what you're working towards, detailing and dovetailing your finances, learning how to flow and expand rather than resist and limit and HAVE MORE FUN!

4 Excellent Resources

  1. Breathing Room.com - guided meditations for energy, abundance, health, love, relationships, peace, joy and presence (free meditations are excellent as are the paid ones)
  2. Reiki Health NZ - classes, treatments, free events, techniques & practises
  3. MoneyHub - great! wish I'd known about it years ago!!
  4. Here's how to make a vision board for Manifestation
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