The Year of the Metal Rat attracts financial abundance!

The trick is not to burn it as fast as you earn it!!

Acquisitive Rat years give us a passion for objects of practical luxury

If something is both useful and beautiful, it will be hard to resist! Personally, and professionally, in 2020 our tastes will run towards the up-market, brands end of the spectrum. 

In a Metal Rat Year, even if your bank account says differently, you may struggle to feel financially secure, so …

  • If you’re going to splurge, shop around, wait for sales and find the best possible price
  • Or lean in to the Rat’s resourcefulness and turn trash - salvaged, vintage, creative up-cycling - into treasure

The Year of the Metal Rat is for Dreaming AND Doing

  • Since Metal is a conductor of electricity, you’ll have extra energy and impetus to be both creative and get new plans and starts off the ground
  • If you get distracted and go down the ‘rabbit hole’, Metal energy will bring you back to your job at hand much faster

The feng shui influence of Metal brings added stability to a Rat Year – staying focused on your goals will be easier and you’ll find others to support you more easily, too

Metal Rat Years optimize your ability to achieve

  • You may find yourself juggling more activities than you realized you were humanly capable of handling
  • Rats are industrious creatures who can find their way through any maze … if you need to bone up your skill set, you’ll learn faster and quicker this Rat Year

Metal Years – create, manifest, secure abundance

Remember the energy of Metal is valuable, golden and equated with wealth and security

How we manage our energy this year - mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically – is important and equals how successfully we create, manifest and secure abundance

While it will take resourcefulness, energy and focus to harness the full creative energy of 2020, it’s also a year for employing and enjoying the best.

It will be a rewarding and full-on year … be able to one you’ll look back on and say “Whew!! Awesome!!”

Happy Chinese New Year of the Metal Rat 2020, everyone!

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Enjoy the Best of Your 2020 Metal Rat Year

It's your year to shine!

Let's create a fabulous new year and new decade for you asap!

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