2020 to 2030: 4 energy kick-starts a new decade

The first year of any longer-term cycle initiates and indicates the qualities needed for success in this time frame

4 energy leads the way this decade with a down-to-earth, heads-down, hands-on, loved-ones-first directive.

It’s clear, focused and sees the qualities of the 4 energy flowing into and influencing all of the next decade 2020 to 2030. 

Times IS moving fast, change IS happening faster, your life CAN BE exceptional

This decade our capacity as humans to engage with our ‘limitless abilities’ as conscious co-creators of our own lives WILL BECOME VERY OBVIOUS. We’ll look back in 2030 and wonder how we even thought in such a limited way!

Time IS moving fast, change is happening faster and as part of a greater co-creative perspective, there are simple and wonderful opportunities to create an exceptional life this year AND for the decade to come 

The state of your inner world IS creating your outer world

And this is not airy-fairy, crystal-ball woo woo!

It’s called ‘conscious co-creation’, it’s the real deal, easily accessible via new forms of meditation and cost-effective as well (again – experience the meditations on BreathingRoom.com and live the difference)

4 energy is also focused on the tangible, those experiences and achievements that are experienced via the 5 senses or ‘the material’. And what it takes to create and complete them.

In a year where application and action pay off, you’ll get extra value powering-up your energy and nurturing your health, peace-of-mind, happiness and nutrition to get the very best for a fabulous, productive and enriching year

Enjoy the journey! May every moment of 2020 bring you abundance, magic and miracles!

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2020's your year to shine!

Let's create a fabulous new year and new decade for you asap!

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