Clairvoyant and psychic readings Hamilton and Auckland2019 is a 3 Year – a creative number with beautiful energy which increases your good luck, success and happiness in all areas of your life ‘across the board’

2019's a 3 Year and in this New Year 2019 every number has a part to play and contributes immensely to the quality of your year

The number 3 is a combination of all 4 numbers in 2019 and its vibration permeates all of 2019

2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = 3

Why work with Numbers?

The energy of each number enables you to focus on specific ways to make the most wise and practical use of your time and resources.

Each number can benefit you in its own unique way and help save your valuable time and money as well as avoid or overcome obstacles more effectively.

What opportunities does Beautiful Number 3 hold for you in 2019?

3 = think. dream. imagine. create.

2019 is a 3 year - it brings you more ...

  • Travel and shorter journeys
  • Joy and romance
  • Happy social activities
  • Visits from friends and relatives
  • More interactions with neighbours and your neighbourhood
  • Self-expression, creativity and developing new skills, hobbies and talents
  • Communications – of all kinds
  • The near future


2019's a 3 year and you’re going to have more opportunities for fun, friendships and new talents related to an artistic creation of one kind or another.

This is a year to reach out (or in) and follow your heart to try whatever you’re drawn to. Remember that long-held dream? This is THE YEAR to recommit to it.

Let your curiosity guide you ... 

2019’s a great month to start nurturing your spiritual and creative growth – Meditation classes, Reiki, Yoga, Tai Chi, Chanting, Pilates, Creative Dancing or more time in Nature, anyone?

What would you love to create and experience more of in 2019?

Happiness, peace, adventure, new skills, all the Arts plus new and renewed friendships are all up for grabs in 2019

3 energy invites you to ...

  • Dive deeper into your inner world through new activities and ...
  • Dive deeper into your 'outer world' by creating a (much) more happy and enriched life for yourself 

Find what calls you and follow it in ...

  • Travel and shorter journeys
  • Self-expression, creativity and developing new skills, hobbies and talents
  • Joy and romance
  • Happy social activities
  • Visits from friends and relatives
  • More interactions with neighbours and your neighbourhood/community
  • Communications – of all kinds
  • The near future..

In 2019, 4 more numbers contribute to your success ...

2  =  relationships. love. connection. detail.

Friendliness and harmony

The 2 vibration is the number of relationships, partnerships, and all forms of connections and communications. 

This is a year where love and group effort continue to take front seat, whether it’s through marriage, family and partnerships in business, work and the community, cultures and countries 

Cooperation, sharing, being considerate of others and communicating everywhere is 2’s contribution to your year and what's unfolding on our planet in this '2' millenium.

‘We and Me’ brings a need for balance

The 2 energy supports balance and harmony – not only to others at home, work, in your community and globally but also to yourself.

Whenever we find the ‘we and me’ vibration of 2, balance and harmony in your own life is as important as well as in your relationship with others

The subtle art of relating

Work on and perfect your subtle art of relating

In 2 energy, you’re at your best when you are in harmonious relationships without sacrificing yourself in the process

Facts, data and perfecting details

In any 2-year, century, decade, month, day or decade it pays to stay focused on gathering and relating facts or data and perfecting details.

Given that the 2 energy dominates our millennium and the next decade (2020 to 2029) it reflects perfectly where we’re going together into this whole new era of

  • technology
  • science and medicine
  • data sharing and gathering
  • education and
  • Coming together as One

0  =  freedom of choice. expansion. growth.

When you see a 0 in numerology, it serves as an amplifier. You’re being offered an enhanced dose of free will.

'The number 0 is the most powerful and all-abundant energy woven throughout the fibres and folds of the universe. It is the creative heart of unlimited possibilities where everything you desire awaits, ready to respond to your call'

O gives you full freedom of choice

0 challenges you to have the utmost faith in your own abilities

  • to analyse a situation
  • make a choice
  • and then act on that choice with ease and comfort and neutral feelings about the outcome

There’s a great opportunity for expansion and growth

To meet the challenge of the 0 vibration, focus on a sense of mastery over the constructive aspects of all the other numbers -

  • independence,
  • leadership
  • creativity
  • emotional self-expression
  • diplomacy
  • application
  • hard work
  • understanding
  • responsibility
  • wisdom
  • personal power
  • and humanitarian vision

Decisions must be made

We rarely make empowering choices by default. There is a lot of responsibility so use O’s energy wisely and fiercely

1  =  independence. self-reliance. individuality.

In this year work hard to express your individuality by ...

* Cultivating original ideas

* Attaining success and achievement in the material world

* Gaining recognition for those achievements

* Leading and directing others

9  =  compassion. love. ethics. tolerance.

9 is the ’new’ number that contributes to a very different 3 Year in 2019 and gives you the insight into how to get the most and best from it

This is a time where you can literally create your own reality

  • Money
  • Good fortune
  • Loving relationships
  • Vibrant health
  • And purposeful living are all possible with 9 energy

You’re learning the fine art of both giving and receiving

The 9 asks you to end and let go of all matters in your life that no longer serve you and your higher purpose. No matter how scared you are, this is a time for gaining wise maturity and healing your emotional issues

The ultimate healing can take place during this year if you invite it in

When you surrender, all good things come to you

There’s plenty of potential for anything you want during this time when you’re fully committed to playing your role in letting go

9 is intense and requires perseverance and wisdom to bring all its qualities to fulfillment

Combined with a big dose of inspiring and uplifting others through your wisdom and love.

©2018 Yolanda Cholmondeley-Smith is well-known as a fun, compassionate and accurate psychic reader and clairvoyant, a qualified teacher, writer and transformational guide. She is the author of many articles and an e-book - 'Your life Your Future' about intuitive awakening, personal and creative growth and global predictions and trends.

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