Boost your success and abundance with New and Full Moon PowerFollowing the New and Full moon cycles can be a great way to set goals and reap the benefits

Astrologers believe that our energy begins to build at the New Moon, then peaks two weeks later at the Full Moon.

In many cultures, farmers and fishermen have survived from following the indications and properties of the New Moon and Full Moon.

"The moon controls earth's tides. The daily ebb and flow of our life here.And because of the moon, earth's climate is stable.

Moon's gravitational pull means that earth doesn't wobble too much. Scientists call it obliquity. The moon holds us fast ...

There are 13 moons every calendar year.

They measure time differently on the moon.

The moon orbits the earth once every 28 days.

As though she's looking for something she lost.

A long time ago."

Jeanette Winterson 'The Gap of Time' 2015.

Why not get a powerful lunar boost for your own life?

There is also a six-month link between new and full moons.

Each new moon falls in a specific zodiac sign. Then, six months later, a full moon occurs in that same zodiac sign.

New Moons mark beginnings

  • New Moons are the perfect time to kick off any new project or idea
  • New Moons are the time to lay the groundwork for what you want to manifest in the coming six months
  • At New Moons, set clear intentions or initiate projects, changes and relationships and tend them to manifestation over the next 6 months.

Fresh starts are always favoured at the New Moon

Full Moons are times for completions, creative outpourings, and harvesting

They’re also your cue to cash in on anything you started at the corresponding New Moon six months earlier.

The 6 days before and after every Full Moon are the times to maximzse anything you want to complete and harvest.

Many authors only write in these 6 days before and after the Full Moon energy … why? Because are the days where creativity, focus and concentration are enhanced thus more is achieved in a much shorter time.

What are you building towards?

Full Moons act as giant cosmic spotlights, so they can be illuminating.

Everything comes out into the open to be seen and learnt from, in the light of the full moon … illumination of all kinds is everywhere to be learnt, used, valued and gained from (even those we may consider ‘defects’).

2018 MOON CALENDAR - New Zealand & Australia

23 November                        FULL MOON IN GEMINI

7 December                           NEW MOON IN SAGITTARIUS    

23 December                         FULL MOON IN CANCER

Your 2019 New and Full Moon Calendar is  coming soon ...

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