2017 NOVEMBER inspiration, creativity, intention

Open to connecting to your heart-felt dreams and creativity this November ... and enjoy!

November and the number 11 contain both sides of the coin - the spiritual and mystical energy of the angelic realms and the opportunity to practically empower the conscious creation of your outer world, with ....

What's on your Bucket-List, big or small?

We're on the edge of 2018 energy ... now's the time to Dream and the best place to start creating a life you want is with Lists -

  • List what is it that you want?
  • List what that looks like to you right now?
  • List where you may need to up-skill, learn and grow?
  • List where, who and how you need other's skilled advice, mentoring and experience?
  • List what you could do, right now, (include your Lists) and ...
  • Then List the easiest place for you to start, one step at a time ... and go for it

Lists, planning sheets (and a beautiful Journal) are powerful ways to start turning your dreams into reality

The foundations for all success are ...

Your health, happiness and relationships are the 3 foundations of all your success ... these 3 great qualities not only

  • Optimize your success,
  • Support your practicality and ...
  • Increase your ability to face overcome obstacles and stay on track ...
  • They allow the Universe to increase the quota of 'coincidences and synchronicities' that come your way

Every project needs 'universal support' 

And great relationships are where it begins and ends - here's a great practice that works wonders for every relationship you'll ever have.

And on the flip side ….

  • This is a month when its all about the impact you have on those around you
  • 11 energy can also energize naivety, challenges and romanticism so stay real, loving and focused on your '3 foundations'

PS: You'll love how it makes you feel

As you move and are moved towards your highest good, know you are always divinely guided and protected.

This NOVEMBER'S MOONS are adventurous, ambitious and auspicious - read why here

Our Astro Star profile this month is Scorpio - understand your Scorpio friends with more love and fun