17 October 2020: New Moon in Gracious, Air-sign LIBRA


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Focused on justice, balance and beauty, Libra energy inspires us to seek peace, harmony and cooperation—and to do it with vision, style and grace

Ruled by Venus, the planet of love and emotions, this Libra 2 Oct 2020 New Moon will amplify your social life, beautify your world and tug on the heart-strings of your emotions!

It’s the perfect time to step up your networking and socialising with loved ones and to nurture fun, new connections professionally and personally

Libra energy commits emotionally – whether to people or projects, it’s all about passion. Libra’s commit to anything via the heart. If there’s no emotion, its time to either up your game or leave it

The Libra New Moon will mean your charm-factor is more accessible than ever – if you mean it, use your lovable personality and find ways to benefit yourself and others

Libra New Moons empower grace, good manners and social charms

Libra energy is gentle and as an Air sign, the winds of change blow soft and steady, cradling you gradually you towards ‘the new’ … you arrive at your new destination barely realising

The essence of Air signs is communication, intelligence and the spread of ideas

Libra’s grace and charm emphasise compromise, helpful dialogue and successful relationships. 

Under the influence of any Libra lunar cycle, we may work better with others and enjoy accomplishing goals that we might not be able, interested or even motivated to approach alone

Arty, original, fair-minded Libra

Libra’s creative energy motivates you towards innovative solutions, beauty and excellence in presentation and anything visual

Now’s the best time to aim for new ideas and innovative solutions – to both people and projects

Libra’s unique talents and career

Libra energy brings you the ability to perceive and communicate clearly, giving you a pretty ‘lethal’ combination of win-win situations and mediations

As libra energy is related to successful careers in law, business, sales, mediation and negotiation, you may even find yourself communicating via the media, radio, film or stage!

Air Signs favour pastels

Pastel tones and palettes, diluted shades of coral, sky blue, pinks, coral, taupe and greys, blues and white, Libra’s see creative potential in what others perceive as ordinary

Add a slash of brilliant colour or an unexpected statement piece of jewellery and you’re accessing the Libra love of uniqueness, simplicity and elegance

LIBRA NEW MOON - Meditate & Manifest together
17 October 7.30pm to 8pm

Join our free, online Full Moon Meditation to manifest your heart-felt desires this month

Zoom ID 687 885 3350 - open 10-15 mins early 

NB: You may like to have a dedicated Moon Meditation Journal & pen with you - perhaps light a candle, place a blossom / flower by it and create your own mini-sacred space to get the most from this empowering Meditation

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