16 April 2018: ARIES New Moon

The April New Moon falls on the 16th in the Fire sign of Aries

This is a busy and highly active New Moon that is going to bring some powerful changes

Since the Libra Full Moon back in March, the Universe has really been challenging us to get our priorities in order and to assess what we have been giving our time to.

The Aries New Moon on April 16th brings the start of a new lunar cycle and a new wave of energy that is going to be helping all of us to create much needed changes in our lives.

Since the end of March we may have been alerted to things that are no longer working for us and things that need to change

  • A relationship or a job may have come to an end, or there may have just been a sense that current lifestyle choice is longer going to work for you.
  • Aries energy really helps us the most when it comes to self-development and getting in touch with our true essence …
  • Under this New Moon, we will all be given the opportunity to really learn and understand ourselves on a deeper level.

If issues are stirred around this New Moon and you need a quick fix …

  • Look after your own needs first is a good way to approach things
  • Without ignoring the needs of others, paying attention to what you need under this Arian energy should be your first priority
  • Concentrating on yourself and doing things that bring you joy is also a great way to channel this energy

In fact, this New Moon will really support you in standing up for yourself and stepping outside of your comfort zone, for it is only when you do this that you can really grow and learn who you truly are.

Overall, the 16 April New Moon in Aries is a great time for manifesting and for starting new things

While change is definitely in the air, these changes are going to be fuel for growth and will help you to uncover a new feisty and resourceful part of yourself.

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