15 November New Moon - it's all go this month

Transformation and change are the keywords for both of these Moons this November

Every New & Full Moon comes with a promise – a potential for a fresh start.

Given the times we’re in, the 15 Nov Scorpio New Moon and 30 November Gemini Full Moons are super-important in an unusually powerful month (plus a lunar eclipse on the Full Moon)

15 November - New Moon in Scorpio

Transformation is everywhere, lucky for us!

Heavily influenced by Water Sign Scorpio and its ruler Mars – the planet associated over centuries with conflict (often over leadership), leaders, opposition, transformation and change, this New Moon's impacting tremendous growth and change

It’s not all bad!

As this change holds tremendous potential for great outcomes individually as well as for whole nations

Politically, economically, culturally and environmentally centuries of division between all peoples, nations and Nature are being levelled out

 As it breaks down, a New World is emerging based on authentic care, creativity, innovation and peaceful win-win solutions

Move beyond fear, great things are happening

‘This is a NEW Moon, so it's all about jumping off the starting block'

Scorpio works in the shadows, so don't try to force the positive vibes without paying attention to the full range of feelings involved with making change. It can be scary to let go! The fear of the unknown is what keeps most people stuck in a cycle but ...

Get excited - embrace what's coming your way

Explore your worries and shine a light on those monsters under the bed. By acknowledging what's buried (and finding some savvy guides and mentors) you can embark on a journey that's immensely successful and also amazingly nourishing to your soul

Win-win partnerships & alliances are favored now

All forms of fruitful alliances - business and social, political or economic - blossom around this New Moon

Scorpio New Moon energy 'brings it on'

  • Transformation and creation
  • Death of past, birth of new
  • Power, drama & magnetic personalities
  • Theatrical flair for attention – politics anyone?
  • Intensity
  • Determination, focus
  • Ability to commit fully when in win-win, long term partnerships

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Expect fun and games this Airy-sign Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse (and the 6 days leading up to it and afterwards) as Gemini holds the following energy in its moonbeams ...

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