15 December - Sagittarius New Moon & Rare Solar Eclipse


New Moons offer us an opportunity to begin again; to make fresh starts.

  • These monthly lunar cycles are prime times for
  • Setting intentions for a clear and focused future
  • Planting seeds for future growth, manifestation and harvesting
  • Using this new cycle of universal energy by cleansing and preparing your body, mind and spirit to move you into your next phase of life with vitality, optimism and focus

The 15 December NEW MOON is in SAGITTARIUS and is also a total Solar Eclipse, expanding our horizons in unexpected ways

Sagittarius New Moon Vibes

In a nutshell -

  • Sagittarian energy broadens our horizons
  • Taps into our need for freedom, expansion and independence
  • Focus on all aspects of breaking down limitations and boundaries especially via cross-cultural communications

Now is the time to maximize -

  • New directions for truth and inspiration
  • Redefine what ‘adventure’ means to and for you and … take steps to initiate them in this lunar phase on paper or in Notes on your iPhone

Sagittarius is the eternal seeker and student of the zodiac

This New Moon is important for its timing and its potential for positive and fun change

It offers us time (and the need) for reflection, assessment, gratitude and expansion as we all go forward into exciting new times

Solar Eclipses - eclipses are always agents of change

They are known to help break patterns and shift dynamics - in the individual, the collective, in politics, national and international wealth and health

always happen on a New Moon, when both Sun and Moon are aligned at the same zodiac sign and astrological degree

Two to three times per year the New Moon aligns with the Sun which in astrology is seen as ruling the ego or strengthening the sense of self and self confidence

Solar eclipses initiate new options, choices and changes

Solar eclipses are rare and considered by astrologers to be successful time to leap into new and improved adventures, projects or activities – big or small

Major growth is often initiated during these cosmic solar eclipse powerhouses

Options we may never have considered can now be initiated, forced, inspired or initiated into being and their success is enhanced by step-by-step planning and execution

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