Liberal and liberating, AQUARIUS governs both collaboration and individuality

What can YOU uniquely contribute to

  • A Team effort in your community 
  • With like-minded others
  • At work
  • Within your family? 

What small action(s) can you offer to bring more genuine happiness, productivity, perspective to the people around you?

Now's the time to let your own creative contribution free ... to help yourself and others shine their light wherever they are

What could you do today to make your world a better place for now and our future generations?

  • Whether it's not buying anything in plastic
  • Cleaning up a polluted beach or stream
  • Planting more trees 
  • A phone call to a distant relative
  • A jar of marmalade to the neighbours
  • A lovely smile and positive comment to ANYONE

No matter how big or small - what ever you do with Heart, changes our world

AQUARIUS energy amps-up ‘Power to ALL THE PEOPLE’ and Full Moon energy brings creative fulfillment to fruition

No action is too small or significant in these auspicious and empowering times

Aquarius energy is associated with the Number 8

Here are some areas of Aquarian '8' energy to pay attention to

  • ambition and power - personal and collective, constructive and destructive
  • attainment and material assets - rein in your budgetting!
  • courage - new opportunities abound but will you go with them or not?
  • renewed opportunities
  • originality and unique /new  perspectives -  thinking outside the square may be helpful now
  • money and finances - check & adjust your savings, stay wise with your investments
  • unexpected events - positive or otherwise

Have fun, shine your light and go for it together!

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