1 May 2022 - Sensible, Sensual New Moon in Taurus

Sensual and sensible, this New Moon in Taurus is practical, methodical, romantic and creative
Taurus New Moon - what do you love and value

  • Care, love, generosity and loyalty to family close friends and community
  • Patience, efficiency and practicality
  • artistic, creative, beauty, sensuality
  • love of nature and outdoor activities
  • determination and perseverance
  • increased success in construction, business, architecture, teaching, drama, dance, film and media

Venus - the planet of love and materiality

Venus, the ruling planet of Taurus is stronger than normal this New Moon. She strengthens knowledge and wisdom on how to love, as well as how to appreciate the material things in life
Her beauty, grace, and charm influences our receptivity to love and attraction, allowing us to appreciate and to feel appreciated by others.

New Moon in Taurus Crystal Inspiration 

Green Aventurine - a stone of luck, blessings, good fortune, prosperity

Aventurine is one of the most powerful crystals for money

It helps you to manifest abundance and increase your luck. Of all the crystals, Aventurine is said to be the luckies

  • Known as the 'Stone of Opportunity' it is thought to be the luckiest of all crystals, especially in manifesting prosperity and wealth
  • Known to balance masculine and feminine energies
  • Known to bring a sense of enlightenment to the person connected to its energy

Aventurine is the perfect stone for becoming more attuned to the powers of Nature. Its strong connection to Earth helps deepen our connection to nature which in return stimulates the awakening of our psychic abilities, health and strength

Affirmation: I move forward with optimism, confidence, regeneration and renewed vitality

Blue Kyanite encourages communication and courage

Blue kyanite is a beneficial stone when it comes to spirituality, communication, and self-expression. It can help you speak your truth, feel more peaceful, and connect to a higher consciousness. It's especially connected to the throat chakra.

  • Blue Kyanite is said to remove physical and energetic blockages
  • Cuts through fears and blockages, helping to speak one’s truth
  • Is very useful for public speakers and performers as it strengthens the voice and heals the throat and the larynx

Blue kyanite has a high vibration and can create rapid transfers of energy. It is known to open the psychic channels and activate the mind centres, accentuating mental capacities and enhancing the ability to ‘download’ information intuitively.

Affirmation: I act on behalf of Mother Earth first.

Fengshui Earth - colours & designs

Taurus is an Earth Element and these signs are at home with super-sensuous, classy, rich terracotta and chocolate shades

  • Include elegant tones and pastels of the above and light up with highlights of Nature’s lime greens, lemon yellow and citrus orange
  • Mix tactile fake furs and luxurious silks, gorgeous scarves and earthy leathers for a unique, artistic expression of quality, luxury and finesse

Rectangular shapes are associated with the Earth element

Think rich, jewelled cushions & throws, square based lamp stands, Scandi-style wooden furniture, luxurious earth-coloured candles and woody and lime-based scents, plants and containers

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