1 Feb 2022: Aquarius New Moon kick-starts the Year of the Water Tiger

A New Aquarius Moon kick-starts the Year of the Water Tiger, a year of flow, realigning, creativity, heightened emotions and focused strategies

Aquarian energy is optimistic, idealistic, innovative and often utopian

This New Aquarian Moon cycle emphasises -

  • A stronger sense of community
  • Individualism, self-interest, upskilling to offer more professionally, learning, branching out
  • An increased use of technology including technological advances
  • Our highest humanitarian ideals

Aquarius’s gifts to you this New Moon are -

  • New perspectives on just about everything, increased spontaneity and extravagance

Take another look at your monthly and annual budgeting, plan ahead financially and initiate diversity in any and all of your resources will pay off this month

  • Everyday stress-release practices will invigorate and focus your mind, time-wasting will dissolve

Nurture your present moment and learn how to Consciously Breath to destress (it’s so easy), try the 3 min Serene Mind Meditation and Japanese Reiki Kenyoku to return repeatedly to engaging in the present moment repeatedly throughout your day

  • Step outside the box!

Aquarius is an innovator and supports new and different approaches, ideas and experiences. Say ‘Yes’ to every new experience (within reason!!) and see how much more fun and friendships you’ll have

This month ushers in an expansive and power-filled 2 Year cycle in time

Make every moment count this month, from the first day to the last!

Learn the vast power of the Present Moment, have fun, love and look after yourself and your loved ones and hold a strong intention for your world and life to move into more peace, balance and harmony.


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